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3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To

  • 3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To

    3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To

    How are those New Year resolutions going? I know I haven’t kept to mine! But the beauty of making a resolution is if you stumble, you can always try again. You may think throwing your hands up and making the same “empty” promise 3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To imageto yourself is hogwash, and cheapens the affair of New Year’s resolutions, but I believe failing and making secondary, third, and fourth attempts give us a realistic experience as to what the New Year has in store for us.

    We rarely succeed in lofty ventures the first time- it takes a bit to work out the kinks. As with everything else, is recovery! If you relapse, or if you never stopped smoking or using, you can always start on your path to sobriety today. Each day we are blessed with brims with limitless opportunity for you to take advantage of. Do so!

    Here are three recovery resolutions that are completely attainable all year long:

    1. Commit to Sobriety

    Did you have a mini relapse, or a major one? That’s okay. Relapse, unfortunately, is a staple of many journeys to recovery. Don’t get hung up on the fact you regressed, use the set-back as a springboard to re-commit yourself to living a happy, healthy life.

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    If you’re having difficulty figuring out why you should be sober, as opposed to continue on the way you have been, take these questions into consideration:

    1. 3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To imageDo you want to overdose, and potentially die?
    2. Do you want to keep running from your problems, or get to the bottom of them?
    3. Do you want to feel the way you’ve been feeling for years forever?
    4. How many loved ones have you lost to addiction?
    5. What of the people who love you, aren’t they also affected?
    6. Do you want to accomplish your dreams?
    7. Do you want to learn how you can live in peace and happiness?


    It’s probably painfully obvious you want to get help; you want to change your life; you know things can be better than they are. So go, my friend, and take the first steps in attaining sobriety.

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    Getting Treatment:

    2. Do the Things You Keep Telling Yourself You’re Going to Do

    We all have that mental list. You know the one. In the back of our minds where our towering dreams of adventure remain for years– sometimes they die. But they don’t have to. It’s never too late to start doing what you love. Regardless of what stage of life you’re in. So yes, go backpacking, buy a ticket to Ireland, start writing an anthology of poetry, join the local sports team, buy tickets to a concert three states away and have a road trip.

    3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To imageThese things are all attainable with a bit of planning and a willingness to break out of the shell of life. When we escape the confines we fetter ourselves in, the world becomes a great expanse of potential to seize. Following your inklings
    does not mean you have to quit your job- or that you are barred from fulfilling the stirrings of your being. Truly experiencing life will help you stay away from substances which numb and deaden our ability to feel. You have to take measured steps to help you feel. What better way to do so than actually journeying to do everything you’ve ever wanted?

    Use your PTO. Don’t have PTO? Make it a priority to save up so you can sustain yourself for a week and leave! You don’t have to go away for a week- take mini vacations on the weekends. Drive to a different part of your state, or visit a neighboring one. You can always use airBnB to cut costs on hotel expenses.

    Draft a list of everything you want to do, and make mini vacations centered around them that are attainable immediately. For instance, I want to visit Shakespeare’s home– but I live in Florida, with a full time job (which I love!). A couple of my mini lists would look like this:


    Visit Shakespeare’s Home

    1. Go to local Shakespeare plays
    2. 3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To imageRead all of Shakespeare’s works
    3. Enroll in a local college course on Shakespeare
    4. Write a play in iambic pentameter
    5. Attend writing conventions


    Go to Japan

    1. Visit Epcot’s Japan
    2. Go to Japanese museums
    3. Grow a Bonsai garden
    4. Learn Japanese
    5. Learn all about Japanese Culture


    Write a Bestseller

    1. Take writing classes
    2. Commit to writing x amount of words daily
    3. Start small: write short stories, eBooks, collection of essays
    4. Study bestsellers
    5. Read all new released titles


    Now go make your own! It’s all about focusing on the small things preparing you for your ultimate ambition. Make goals! What do you want to accomplish in three months from now, six, nine? Make your objectives quantifiable to give yourself the motivation to actually make it happen. Keep a journal of your lists and plan everything inside of them. If you’re particular (like my Virgo friends) you can even make lists of what you want to bring, and print out information about the places you want to visit, restaurants to eat at, and state monuments and parks to traverse. Take your journal with you everywhere, so you can actively add to your future adventures! Don’t let one thought of freedom to experience escape you. It can be the one to save your life.


    3. Live a Wholesome Life

    Recovery doesn’t end at going to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s about learning how to cope while you’re at home. True recovery spans across physical health, emotional health, and 3 New Year’s Recovery Goals You Can Still Commit To imagespirituality. Eat foods that are good for you. Save money (and calories) and start cooking from home; it’s a great way to invite friends over for dinner and a movie (or maybe Rock Band).

    Pick up some self-help books and read up on something you know you need a bit of help on. Try a book on mindful thinking to become aware of how your thinking directly affects your moods, and may put you in danger of relapse. In fact, there are innumerable texts on addiction recovery for every step of sobriety: before treatment, during, and afterwards.  

    Learn how to construct environments conducive to healing inside and out.



    What are your New Year’s resolutions you’re not giving up on?


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