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10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!)

  • 10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!)

    10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!)

    Hello lovely readers! I wanted to give you a glimpse into the writing life and show you how much you mean to us here; not only as readers, but as genuine people either overcoming addiction, going through the brambles of the disease, post recovery warriors, and everyone in between who is open enough to attempt to understand addiction and mental health.

    We write for you. Our words mean nothing outside of ourselves without you, and I want to take time to thank you for that; truly, and from the bottom of my heart: Thank You.

    Now, bask in the top ten reasons why we love you, and why you should too!


    10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!) image1. You Have an Open Mind

    If you’re on our blog, whether you’re in recovery or not, I think it’s safe to say you have an open mind. We have a medley of topics we cover here between Alyx and myself- and some of them are kind of “out there.”

    Remember Heroin in the Pants?! and The Secrets of Crystal Healing? If you’re still here after that, we know even if you don’t agree with our mania, you’re at least open enough to bear with us while we figure it out for ourselves.

    2. You’re Not Afraid to Tackle the Tough Stuff

    Addiction isn’t pleasant- and mental health? No one wants to talk about that. But you do. And we love you for it. By sharing our content, starting conversations on the things that matter, and coming away with a newfound understanding, you’re helping to change the world bit by bit.

    3. You’re Taking an Active Role in Helping Yourself

    We publish many pieces on self help for addiction, and steps to take in the future to guide you on your way. We salute you for taking the initiative to change your life! You should be proud of yourself too.

    10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!) image4. You Care About the Human Continuum

    Sometimes what we have to share is hard to swallow. It comes with the territory of diseases. But despite that, you’re willing to take the journey with us to illuminate the causes of addiction, and help those who are wandering down the same road as you once did. And even if you didn’t, you’re still there for the rest of us.

    Either way, the more aware you are of the silent epidemic, the more you can do to help your community. You don’t have to save the world to save someone’s life. Every life we touch is one more person set on the path to their own sense of self-actualization.

    And that, my friend, is greater than all the gold in the world.

    5. You Have Something to Say to the World

    Even if you’re not active in our comments or social media (you should be!), we know you all have something stirring inside you waiting to spill out and forever change the lives of those around you.

    It’s okay if you haven’t reached your peak yet, but when we do, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Whether that’s a book, a collection of artwork, or music- there is something deep inside you waiting to tell your story.

    6. Your Past Makes You Beautiful

    We all have things in our past we’d rather forget about. But those are the travails that make us irrevocably beautiful. Your past does not define you, your actions today do. Your past experiences speak to those around you. All you have to do is be open to communicating them.

    7. Your Future Is Brimming with Opportunity

    Despite the things you may have been subjected to, your future is filled with opportunities far extending the “New Year.” Don’t let your life pass you by thinking you have to “wait for the perfect time.” If there is a song inside of you waiting to break out, give it voice now.

    10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!) image8. You’re Not Afraid to Call “Nonsense!” on Foolery

    Hey, sometimes we’re wrong about things- and when we’re wrong, you’re sure to let us know! And those around you? I know you let them have it too.

    10 Things That Make You Sound Dumb When You Talk About Addiction

    9. You’re a Little Lost

    Maybe you’re not sure where you’re going, or how you’re going to get where you want to be- but that’s okay! We’re all a bit lost in this battle of life, and it makes you endearing. It also means there are no right or wrong ways. One path ideal for today may shift to auspicious tides in the very opposite direction you deviated from yesterday.

    That’s the beauty of being alive.

    10 Reasons Why We Love You (And Why You Should Too!) image10. Your Spirit Is Inherently Good

    We know underneath it all, you are a good person- despite what you may think of yourself. We are honored to help show you the beautiful soul underneath every insecurity and second guess.

    You are wonderful, and we are so happy to have met you.


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