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An Overview of Heroin Abuse

Heroin abuse is an addictive opiate substance often snorted, injected, or smoked by those who are addicted to opiates. Many turn to heroin as a direct response from being addicted to prescription painkiller medications which are opiate based. Currently around the United States there is a “heroin epidemic.” The statistics for heroin overdoses continue to rise as heroin becomes more popularized largely due to its heavily addictive nature, and ease of availability because of its exceedingly low price tag. Many who become addicted to heroin do not seek treatment for heroin addiction until the throes of addiction are anchored into their lifestyles. Many become estranged from their family and loved ones, may suffer homelessness, and contract deadly communicable diseases from intravenously using the drug.

Why Is Heroin One of the Most Abused Substances?

Many attribute the overload of prescription opiates as the main cause of the heroin epidemic. Many become dependent on the prescriptions given to them by their trusted medical professionals. Because opiate based pain medications seem to be the -go-to solutions for pain management, many suffer from the results. Opiates develop a tolerance within the body quickly, and as a result, many patients on prescription opiate medications tend to overdose- creating an unending cycle of increasing their tolerance to opiate medications. Eventually, when one’s prescription runs the natural cycle of medical treatment, those who have become physical dependent on their opiate medications will begin buying the substance illegally off the street, or may scavenge pills from their families and loved ones.


Heroin Abuse in a Nutshell

Many patients who once had a legitimate claim to pain medications transition to heroin after they no longer have access to their prescriptions because of the undeniable physical dependence to opiates. Heroin addiction is a natural “stepping stone” from an addiction established by prescription medications. Heroin is easily obtainable, and is far more financially available than prescription medications. Because heroin is often cut with other addictive substances the rates of overdose are particularly high. Heroin also gives rise to contraction of many life threatening communicable diseases including HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Many long time heroin addicts take the substance with other addictive substances including cocaine and marijuana. many suffering from heroin use disorders don’t get the treatment they need in time to prevent an overdose.

Getting Help for Heroin Abuse and Opiate Addiction

Medically assisted drug treatment has been proven to be most effective when treating heroin addictions. Other abstinence based treatment programs are notorious for high levels of relapse and subsequent fatal overdoses. Getting help for heroin addiction before physical and psychological dependence is established helps potential addicts save years of anguish, and cut treatment costs considerably. Unfortunately only one in ten people with untreated substance use disorders get help. Even though seeking treatment early on in the initial stages of abuse is ideal, specialized heroin rehab programs are designed to tackle addiction at the source. Many who undergoing extensive rehabilitation recover successfully and lead full, lucrative and happy lives.

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