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Symptoms of Hashish Addiction

Why is Hashish Addictive?

Although many discredit hashish and other cannabis products as harmless and non-addictive, the further couldn’t be true! Hashish may not create the same manic physical addiction opiates and other stimulant substances do, but the psychological effects of Hashish affect both the physical and mental realms of life. Hashish is addictive mainly because of the “feel good” effect. Because of the sense of euphoria and relaxation the substance is known for, those who partake in its use crave the substance everyday to achieve the same effect. In this regimen, tolerance for hashish quickly develops, and as a result, hashish users feel unfilled and may experience withdrawal symptoms (which is a clear indication of addiction).  

Red Flags and Signs of Hashish Use

If you’re not familiar with the effects of Hashish use, knowing the red flags of possible substance use can help you identify the budding seeds of addiction within yourself, your friends, or a loved one. Be alerted to possible hashish use by taking note of the following signs:  
  • Over enthusiasm to smoke hashish
  • Withdrawal symptoms of hashish are present upon cessation of use
  • Chronic cravings for hash
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of motivation
  • General apathy

Symptoms of Hashish Addiction

Understanding when the scales tip out of substance abuse and trapse within the realm of addiction is an essential distinctinction to be aware of, as permanent psychological damage may be caused from untreated hashish use disorders. Hashish addiction treatment is specialized to address the underlying causes of addiction and redress problem behaviors associated with the disorder. Symptoms of Hashish Addiction Include:
  • Loss of Short Term Memory
  • Impaired Coordination
  • Decreased Inhibitions
  • Inability to Listen of Think Clearly
  • Apathy
  • Slowed Speech
  • Hallucinations
  • Persisting Paranoia
  • Development of Anxiety Disorders

What to Do to Stop Hashish Addiction

If left untreated wanton use of hashish may foment the development of chronic anxiety and schizophrenia. Some studies show marijuana users may be prone to lose IQ points after long term use of hashish and other marijuana derived substances, but further research is necessary to validate initial findings. Although many find the medicinal uses of marijuana beneficial, the detriments of the substance (like alcohol) can be disastrous without responsible use. (Outside of states where marijuana is legalized use of hashish and other cannabis substances are strictly prohibited.) Getting help for hashish addiction should not be looked down upon, but encouraged. The longer hashish addiction remains untreated the higher the chance of permanent psychological damage incurring is assured. Additionally, because most cases of substance abuse and addiction stem from underlying problems, seeking initial detox and withdrawal treatment for hashish will begin the recovery process and help users address the hidden reasons surrounding abuse and addiction. Once the underlying causes of addiction are rectified use of addictive substances is no longer necessary to self medicate untreated health disorders or stave off emotional trauma or unrest. In terms of long term health for women, those who do not address their addiction to hashish or cannabis substances are more likely to give birth to smaller babies, if they continue use through pregnancy. Their newborns will be more susceptible to health conditions and impeded development of all major organs.  

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