Rehab Center In Miami

Rehab Center In Miami

Are you looking for the most excellent and reliable rehab center in Miami? If yes, then Harbor Village is the leading rehab center for alcohol and drug abuse offering the most advanced and adequate treatments for substance abuse.

Five rehab programs available in preeminent drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Miami

We offer five evidence-based treatment programs, which include inpatient rehab, residential recovery, outpatient services, partial hospitalization, and Spanish track program. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at each of these prime treatment options.

  1. Inpatient drug rehab center

Our premier Miami, drug rehab center, offer high-quality inpatient substance abuse treatment to effectively help the struggling individual overcome addiction from substances such as: 

  • Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Designer drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription drugs

We offer different cutting-edge treatment plans in our inpatient rehab to help you achieve lasting success and avoid relapses. The treatment involves a combination of medications and behavioral sessions.

  1. The residential drug rehabilitation center

Our unsurpassed drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Miami could mean the difference between addiction and healthy, productive life. This treatment program focuses on providing our clients intensive treatments and therapies to not only treat the symptoms but also address the underlying causes of addiction.

In our undisputable residential treatment, you'll establish new habits and practices. We'll provide you with in-depth medically-assisted remedies and closer 24-hour monitoring from our expert addiction specialists.

  1. Outpatient rehab programs

We offer an outpatient rehabilitation plan that sets you on the course to long-term success and recovery, allowing you to get back home, hobbies, jobs, school, and other daily life activities.

This program is ideal for a substance abuser in the begging throes of dependence, as the plan is less intensive than inpatient or residential programs. However, our outpatient treatment program gives you a chance to test out what we teach you about addiction and apply it to your everyday living to overcome substance abuse.

  1. Partial hospitalization program

We offer partial hospitalization program to effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction while accommodating patients who need structured treatment but don't require 24/7 medical supervision or attention.

We recommend this treatment program to individuals who can tolerate a less intensive structure but with a reliable support system and secure environment.

  1. Spanish track program

We deeply understand how the Spanish-speaking substance abusers remain underserved when it comes to addiction treatment efforts in Miami.

We offer a Spanish track approach which incorporates the same medications and behavioral sessions offered in Spanish to ensure you receive the most effective care for lasting recovery.

Choose one of the top Miami centers

If you or a loved one is willing to heal and achieve stable sobriety, you can't afford to wait any longer. We're waiting on the line to offer you the perfect Miami drug and alcohol detox plus ultimate addiction treatments.

Don't go any further finding a prosperous rehab center in Miami. Join Harbor Village today to start your recovery journey. Please contact us now to speak with a drug and alcohol treatment specialist who can help you. 

Rehab Center In Miami
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Rehab Center In Miami

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