Drug Rehab Miami Fl

Drug Rehab Miami Fl

Harbor Village's drug rehab in Miami, FL, is one of the best drug and alcohol rehabs in the state! Your sobriety is our top priority, and we have spared no expense to create a rehab setting and programs that are highly conducive to long-term sobriety. It's easy to get sober inside of a drug rehab center, but the real challenge comes when you go home, back into the real world. That is why Harbor Village works to provide all of our patients with exceptional care and a wealth of resources to help them conquer their addictions long after they graduate our rehab program!

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Going to Rehab with COVID-19

The health and well-being of all of our patients is always our top priority at Harbor Village. We are still offering services to people who need help conquering their addictions. We take our duty to protect our patients during the coronavirus crisis very seriously, and because of this, we have implemented new safety precautions. This includes social distancing, the practice of good hygiene, and other measures to protect the health of all of our staff and patients. Click here to learn more about our SARS-COV2 safety precautions. 

What's the Best Drug Rehab in Miami, FL?

Here are five reasons why Harbor Village is the best drug rehab in Miami, FL:

#5 Everyone is Welcome Here

Everyone deserves to be able to get the kind of health care that they need. Here, it doesn't matter whether you are white, black, straight, gay, American, Mexican, or any other demographic. All are welcome at Harbor Village! We are all human, and your dignity and humanity are assured to you when you are in our care.

#4: We Provide Affordable Rehab Services

Sadly, the cost of rehab often prevents many people who need treatment for drug and alcohol addictions to postpone or not go to rehab. This is why Harbor Village offers payment plans, and we accept insurance. Contact us today to verify your insurance.

#3: We Offer a Variety of Treatment Options

No one pair of shoes will fit everyone. Likewise, no two treatment plans are ideal for all. That is why Harbor Village provides highly customized care and treatment plans for all individuals, offering the full spectrum of rehabilitation services, including inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and more.

#2: We Treat Addictions and Mental Health Disorders

More than half of all people who check into a drug and alcohol rehab facility have co-occurring or underlying psychological disorders, such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, personality disorders, etc. In these cases, treating the addiction without treating the mental health of the patient is a recipe for relapse.

#1: We Have the Addiction Treatment Best Staff in Miami, FL

What good is a drug rehab in Miami, FL, without top-notch addiction treatment specialists? Here, we employ care providers who understand your needs and are passionate about helping people.

Drug Rehab Miami Fl
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Drug Rehab Miami Fl

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