What is Ketamine?

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Ketamine gets a bad rap as the date rape drug, and causes a plethora of undesirable effects including elevated blood pressure, vomiting, numbness, memory loss, hallucinations, and the inability to move. In severe cases ketamine users may suffer from overdose and toxicity from ketamine. Ketamine’s true purpose is to be used in veterinary offices as an anesthetic for procedures.


As a hallucinogen, use of ketamine induces auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations. The substance was made popularized in nightclubs and raves, where today use of ketamine is still high in both venues. As a party drug, ketamine is the source of many sexual assault cases where the drug is slipped into unattended alcoholic drinks. Consumption of both ketamine and alcohol may produce disastrous side effects and may endanger the one who consumes the substance unknowingly.


How Is Ketamine Taken?

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Typically ketamine is either taken as a tablet, liquid, inhaled, or injected. Ketamine is colorless and tasteless, making is nearly impossible to identify without proper analysis. Unattended alcoholic drinks are often spiked with the substance, and are reported in cases of date rape and sexual assault.


Street Names for Ketamine:

  • Special K
  • Black Beauties
  • Demmies
  • Cat Valium
  • Super Acid
  • Green
  • Super C
  • Ketaset
  • Ketalar


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Is Ketamine Addictive?

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Ketamine is both physically and mentally addictive, as it creates drug seeking behaviors, and serves as an escape for those struggling with outward and inward conflicts. As a substance known for its properties of disassociation, ketamine’s appeal to those unable to resolve underlying traumas and emotional turmoil are particularly vulnerable to the allure of ketamine.

Psychologically, ketamine is as addictive as any other addictive substance, as when users get hooked onto the euphoric feeling ketamine produces, they will always seek the high they first experienced. However, because ketamine develops a tolerance within the body, akin to other addictive substances, more and more of the substance will have to be taken to achieve the same euphoria.


In a nutshell: ketamine is dangerous in both regards of physical and psychological addiction.

Who Uses Ketamine?

Anyone with access to the party drug can become addicted to ketamine, but typically, similarly to other designer drugs, ketamine is typically found in the club scene, raves, and other similar atmospheres.

Is Ketamine Legal?

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No! Ketamine is a scheduled drug, and is illegal. Possession, use, distribution, and the manufacturing of ketamine can result in lengthy prison sentences and irreparable damage to your record.


What Are the Unexpected Dangers of Ketamine?


Although many who abuse ketamine do so because the high initially induces a state of calm and euphoria, the effects of Ketamine are long lasting, and can create permanent mood disorders, brain damage, and impact one’s decision making, which can potentially have a negative effect beyond the immediate use of ketamine and similar substances.


Overdose and toxicity from ketamine is also possible, and not a factor largely considered because of its infrequency.


How Will Ketamine Effect My Life?

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Addiction robs people of their personal, family, professional, and academic lives by consuming one’s every waking thought. Ketamine is not often considered a “hard drug” when compared to heroin or cocaine, which is a mistake. Ketamine is just as addictive, and may have similar effects with elongated use left untreated.





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