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Insurance Agencies & Outpatient Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know

  • Insurance Agencies & Outpatient Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know

    Insurance Agencies & Outpatient Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know

    Insurance Agencies & Outpatient Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know imageOutpatient Rehabilitation & Insurance Agencies

    The dreaded outpatient treatment– the only type of addiction treatment many insurances want to cover, because of its considerably less hefty price tag, when compared with residential treatment. The problem is, chronic substance use disorders cannot simply be rectified with outpatient treatment. In fact, outpatient therapy is intended for those who have already completed residential rehab.

    That’s right! Don’t leInsurance Agencies & Outpatient Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know imaget your insurance placate you into settling for outpatient treatment. Without working knowledge on how to combat cravings, understanding of the underbelly of your substance use disorder, and how to respond appropriately to feelings of depression, anger, and anxiety, the chances of relapse are almost undeniable

    Insurance companies work under the guise of feigned benevolence; the business of the company demands profit- and that’s not by investing into more costly treatment. That’s not to say those who work at insurance companies are guilty of this. But the business model is arguably corrupt- in light of thousands going without addiction treatment. There are several cases of people suffering from chronic addiction who have fatally overdosed while being relegated to complete outpatient treatment- as opposed to a much-needed inpatient program.

    In the case of outpatient treatment specifically, insurance companies wait for patients to relapse two or three times before they deem the “need” for residential rehab! (Not all insurance companies are guilty of this, of course.)


    What Is Outpatient Rehabilitation?

    Insurance Agencies & Outpatient Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know imageIn instances where substance abuse has not turned into chronic addiction, where the body is measurably dependent on one’s substance of choice, outpatient treatment in a safe, supportive, family-orientated environment may be appropriate.

    The problem is sometimes those who complete residential rehab don’t want to go to outpatient treatment, because they think it unnecessary. Many believe the time commitment is unnecessary in the face of completed treatment. Others say daily obligations and responsibilities suffer from treatment.

    Typically outpatient addiction treatment requires patients to go to their rehabilitation center 3-5 times a week, depending on their personal treatment track. During the course of treatment, coping skills are evaluated, drug screenings occur, and patients have the opportunity to discuss their real life difficulties post-treatment for immediate support and insight. The value of outpatient rehab is undeniable, and allows independent living while having potentially life saving support during one’s transition from a life of addiction to sober living. Some key features include:

    • The ability to keep working or going to school
    • Going home after treatment
    • Beginning to live normally, outside of a treatment center
    • Continuing therapy and groups
    • Instant support from addiction counselors
    • Provides an outlet for expression of difficulties experienced outside of treatment

    Outpatient treatment is not restrictive, but helps ensure a lifetime of sobriety while you get your feet wet living independently of your addiction.

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