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You are NOT Addicted

  • You are NOT Addicted

    You are NOT Addicted

    I have a few pet peeves: The overwhelming smell of mint, people who are obnoxiously loud in public areas, and superficiality are probably the top three. One that’s rapidly climbing the ranks is a trend I noticed while perusing social media.

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    Think before you post and make yourself look like a jerk.

    Now, I know people can be thoughtless; most people aren’t always politically correct. While I’m not saying you should have to censor yourself at every turn, there’s some seriously offensive things people voluntarily post online without a single thought. I’m usually pretty good at scrolling pass the stupidity and not feeding into the internet trolls, one particular social media trend is really getting on my nerves:

    Claiming you’re “addicted” when you’re not.

    What do I mean by that? If you frequent social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, search #addiction and you’ll see exactly what I mean. While there are meaningful, helpful posts about services for help and motivational stories, you’ll also find a few of these:

    • “OMG, I just started #OITNB! #addicted!
    • “I love #JustinBeiber’s new song! So #addicted!
    • “Just got a new #pressedpowder from #Sephora! #Makeupaddict
    • “I’m so in love with #mygirl! She’s my #addiction.”

    If you don’t see a problem with any of those, you’re part of the problem.

    Try exchanging the word addict or addiction with a word that offends you. Be it a racial slur, a rude term for your sexual orientation, or a sexist phrase, would you be okay with those social media posts then? What about if it was something you struggled with on a daily basis? Diabetes, cancer, physical disabilities? It might seem silly to you, but this is serious to me: using someone else’s struggle flippantly to describe some trivial thing in your life is offensive.

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    Your #fryaddiction is anything but cute. Quit it.

    You are NOT Addicted to Fries

    Unless you have a legitimate eating disorder, do not claim you are addicted to foods just because you happen to really enjoy eating them. Getting a large order of fries or indulging in some chocolate does not make you an addict. Claiming you are is not cute or funny. Stop it.


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    Your eyes look fierce– but you’re not addicted to eyeliner.

    You are NOT Addicted to That Brand-New Eyeliner

    Does it make your eyes look incredible? Yeah, sure, probably. Was it on the expensive end? Maybe, I wasn’t there when you bought it. But I do know that claiming you are “addicted” just to draw attention to your new make up is insulting. People struggle to break the physical and mental ties to their addictions; thousands lose their lives each year to the disease. I promise, if you lose your eyeliner you will survive.

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    Honestly most of us watch a bit too much TV.


    You are NOT Addicted to Your Favorite Trending TV Show

    Does leaving your TV give you anxiety? If you miss an episode, does it trigger a panic attack or any other significant emotional response? Addiction to television is a real thing, yes, but unless you are exhibiting legitimate signs of addiction to TV or social media, stop claiming you are addicted. If you knew what it meant to live with a substance abuse disorder and then to travel the path of recovery, you wouldn’t choose to share your fandom so poorly.

    You are NOT Addicted image

    I promise, you’ll live if you let them go for five seconds.


    You are NOT Addicted to Your Significant Other

    Why would you even want to be addicted to another person? There’s nothing romantic about that. Typically when I see these posts it’s from someone who isn’t quite solid in themselves, or someone who thinks for some reason that love and obsession are synonymous. There’s nothing healthy about an obsessive, jealous, or controlling relationship; it’s definitely not something to boast about on your social media accounts. If you find yourself forming these type of relationships regularly, it’s time to evaluate why that is, perhaps with the help of a professional.


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    You are more than what you own.

    You are NOT Addicted to Shoes

    Or any other accessory! This is a lot like the makeup thing: just because you want people to know you splurge on certain things or you enjoy fashionable things doesn’t mean you get to use a disorder to describe it. Now, if you find that your other bills and responsibilities are being neglected in order to purchase these accessories, it is time to rethink your priorities.


    To summarize: using ‘addiction’ to describe something you enjoy is offensive. People living with substance abuse disorders get enough grief from society without your indirect mockery. Don’t do the thing. Okay? Okay.

    Glad we had this talk.

    Do you know someone who thoughtlessly uses the word “addiction” to describe their passions? Share this on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let me tell them off for you!

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