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Detox and Withdrawal of Flakka

The Reality of Flakka Detoxification

Any type of detoxification is dangerous and difficult. The strain caused by purging the body of a substance it has become dependent on is painful and nearly impossible when attempted without the medical aid. Solo attempts at recovery often end in relapse because of the intensity of detoxification symptoms. However, relapsing after detox increases the likelihood of overdosing exponentially because of lowered tolerance; the body becomes overwhelmed. Quitting as soon as possible will help to lessen the symptoms of detox and the lasting effects of Flakka use. Seeking treatment from a drug rehabilitation center is the safest recovery option for withdrawal and detox of Flakka abuse. Such centers offer medical monitoring and support as well as services to remedy the underlying causes of addiction. Health insurance companies cover detoxification services and some centers also offer payment assistance. When the symptoms of flakka addiction become apparent, that's an indication of getting help right away.   

What to Expect During Flakka Detoxification

Because Flakka works directly with the brain and nervous system, recovery often works in a two-tier approach: treatment for the addiction and alleviating the lasting effects as much as possible. Flakka’s physical ramifications during detoxification complicate recovery because most rehab centers do not offer medical support for health issues outside of addiction. Partial hospitalization programs such as those offered by Harbor Village may be ideal as in addition to the medically-assisted detoxification process, medical monitoring and treatment for lasting the physical ailments caused by Flakka use are available. [get-help]

Symptoms of Flakka Withdrawal

Like other stimulants, Flakka’s withdrawal comes with psychological effects. Symptoms like extreme irritability, mood swings, depression and suicidal thoughts and actions are common. Accidental and intentional suicide are leading causes of death among Flakka users. Delusions may persist throughout the detoxification process, which makes monitoring of the patient essential to success. Flakka also causes insomnia, anxiety and fatigue, especially in those with extensive damage to the neurotransmitters processing dopamine and norepinephrine. Mental disorders such as psychosis may develop due to chemical imbalances caused by Flakka. Because of physical damage caused by Flakka abuse, recovering addicts may also suffer from medical conditions such as epileptic seizures, liver and lung damage, permanent kidney damage, and heart arrhythmias. These conditions are manageable if detected early and may disappear with time and medical treatment.  

Flakka Rehab Services

Due to the danger of Flakka dependency and addiction, it is highly recommended those attempting to begin recovery do so with the assistance of a drug rehabilitation center. Sobriety today reduces the damage caused by prolonged Flakka abuse and the likelihood of overdosing. With a myriad of possible health complications as well as serious mental effects, Flakka is one of the most dangerous substances on the streets today. Rehabilitation centers in South Florida such as Harbor Village are well-equipped to assist people in regaining control of their lives through sobriety. Harbor Village serves all of the United States and offers variety of program options and personalized care to ensure patients exit the program with the skills necessary to lead a life of sobriety and wellness.    

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