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Is Ephedrine Addictive? Detox and Withdrawal of Ephedrine

What is Ephedrine Withdrawal and Detox? Is Ephedrine Addictive?

Withdrawal is a necessary component of addiction treatment for ephedrine, and will show itself when one has a physical addiction to ephedrine. Withdrawal is induced when there is a lapse of ephedrine use when there exists a physical addiction; those who are not physically addicted to ephedrine will not experience physical withdrawal symptoms, but may suffer from psychological withdrawal symptoms from ephedrine. So the question,"Is ephedrine addictive?" is immediately answered from the presence of withdrawal; whether psychologically dominated or physically, withdrawal is the undeniable sign brain chemistry has been altered as a result from ephedrine addiction. During withdrawal the body goes into a state of “panic,” and tries to return to function normally without the ephedrine it has become dependent on to produce essential neurotransmitters and perform rudimentary tasks, like managing the spectrum of emotions. Because of repeated ephedrine use and abuse, users of the addictive substance may induce permanent physical and psychological damage as a direct result of not getting treatment for ephedrine detox treatment, which is crucial from safely recovering from ephedrine withdrawal. If withdrawal is the process in which the body remedies itself of ephedrine use, detox is the process in which medical professionals assure any health complications which may arise from the stimulant substance are quickly subdued without lasting damage. During withdrawal the symptoms are potentially excruciating. The severity of symptoms largely depend upon how physically addicted the body is to ephedrine. During detox treatment the main goal of initial recovery is to purge the body of addictive substances and begin honing in on the underlying causes of addiction. (Many detox treatment centers do not employ initial group or intensive therapy, which may cause a delay in treatment.)   [get-help]  

Withdrawal Symptoms of Ephedrine Addiction

Attempting to undergo ephedrine withdrawal at home is not only dangerous, potentially life threatening, and ineffective- many are unable to complete the entire detox process, which lasts from ten to fourteen days, but most relapse from the physical and mental taxation of the process. The effects of ephedrine can be severe, depending on the length of addiction. Unfortunately, some suffer overdose and toxicity from ephedrine during their “at home detox” or shortly after. Monitoring the symptoms of ephedrine addiction is critical. Continuing ephedrine addiction treatment after detoxing is imperative to redress addiction completely- as detox is only the initial phase of treatment and does not wholly address the full spectrum of addiction. During detoxification medical professionals render medical aid to alleviate the following withdrawal symptoms of ephedrine:  
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts or Actions
  • Uncontrollable Shaking
  • Vomiting

Ephedrin Detox Process

During detoxification with Harbor Village, one of the only addiction treatment facilities offering therapy as early as ephedrine detox, clients will be treated for the withdrawal symptoms of ephedrine with safe medically assisted drug treatment. During the detoxification process recovering ephedrine users will learn about the intrinsic nature of addiction and how to combat the disease from the inside out. Although detoxification typically addresses the physical aspect of addiction, relinquishing its hold onto most users within the first couple of weeks, learning how to manage emotions and use other coping techniques, not involving ephedrine, will be broached with a fundamental understanding of the basics of living beyond addiction.  

Getting Help with Ephedrine Addiction in Detox and Withdrawal Treatment

  If you or a loved one are struggling with either ephedrine abuse or ephedrine addiction Harbor Village offers all levels of addiction treatment to remedy any instance of substance abuse. The sooner you get help the less likely it is ephedrine’s effects will incur permanent physical and mental damage.  

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