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What is Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is typically prescribed to patients who are suffering from medical conditions like hypotension, inability to concentrate, relief for shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing. Ephedrine is a stimulant drug and energizes the metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and prompts an increase in body temperature. Because of its stimulating effects, Ephedrine has become a commonly abused substance.

The effects of Ephedrine make those taking the medication dizzy; use of Ephedrine should not be allowed in the event one will be in operation of machinery. Many do not realize Ephedrine is an addictive substance, and causes tangible withdrawal syndromes which may be attributed to other conditions incorrectly. Common effects of taking Ephedrine include restlessness, nervous twitches, loss of appetite, and insomnia. Other symptoms regularly ignored include headaches.

Ephedrine allows the passage of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine to pass easily through the brain’s synapses. In effect, users of the substance may feel aroused, a sudden rush of euphoria, and experience a surge in blood pressure and heart rate

Is Ephedrine Addictive?

Yes! Detox and withdrawal from Ephedrine are treatable with professional help, and should not be done without the care of a medical professional. Many abuse ephedrine to lose weight, perform better at work and school. Although addiction to Ephedrine is not established right of the back, continual, recreational use of Ephedrine will eventually lead to chronic addiction, and may have permanent effects, causing anxiety disorders, paranoia, and mood disorders- akin to other stimulant drugs.

How is Ephedrine Abused?

Ephedrine can be snorted using the nasal spray, taken orally in its liquid form, and may be injected directly into the veins. Those who continue to abuse Ephedrine will build up a tolerance to the substance and will continue to take more and more of the stimulant drug. Eventually addiction will cement itself and create withdrawal symptoms shortly after abstaining from the drug long enough.

Depending upon the duration of substance abuse and subsequent addiction, withdrawal symptoms can range from minor irritants to full-blown health conditions. Symptoms of Ephedrine addiction left unnoticed will eventually pro,pt heart attack, liver damage, and death in serious cases.


Can You Overdose on Ephedrine?

Yes! Overdose and toxicity from Ephedrine is possible- although many believe because the substance is derived from a herb there is no danger of overdose. Please keep in mind many, if not all, medications were originally derived from plants; synthetic drugs mimic those plants found in nature- therefore, it is never safe to assume because a substance comes from a plant occurring in nature that it is safe to consume and without ill physical and psychological effects.

Is Ephedrine Legal?

Not quite. Although Ephedrine is prescribed in some cases, the stimulant substance is illegal outside of having a prescription from a practicing medical professional. The drug is commonly sold illegally on the streets. If you are found to be in possession with Ephedrine, or if you are selling the substance, or sharing your prescription, you will face serious legal consequences.

Street Names for Ephedrine

  • Mahuang
  • Mormon Tea
  • Primatene
  • White Crosses
  • Truckers Speed
  • Mini Thins
  • Tedral

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