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Terrier Puppy Positive for Heroin, Meth, and Nicotine: Goes to Heroin Detox

  • Terrier Puppy Positive for Heroin, Meth, and Nicotine: Goes to Heroin Detox

    Terrier Puppy Positive for Heroin, Meth, and Nicotine: Goes to Heroin Detox

    Puppy Treated for Drug Addiction

    Sad monday news. A puppy terrier mix, named Bubba, tested positive for heroin, methamphetamine, and nicotine in a California motel. Bubba was rescued from Joshua West, who was arrested for an outstanding warrant in Orange County. West’s warrant was served for drug violations. Officers recovered illicit drug paraphernalia, including used needles, and the wide-eyed terrier.

    Bubba needed treatment for the illicit substances in his system. It’s not clear how the addictive substances were introduced into Bubba’s bloodstream, but he’s safe in Orange County Animal Care’s facility, where he is being medically monitored and treated for drug addiction with heroin detox.

    Straight from the Tustin Police Department:

    “In March officers arrested two subjects out of a local motel who were in possession of a large quantity of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. During the investigation officers took custody of Bubba, a terrier mix puppy, who was showing signs of being under the influence of drugs.

    Bubba was released to Orange County Animal Care and treated for his condition. Bubba was found to have heroin, methamphetamine and nicotine in his system due to living with his drug using owners.

    We are happy to report Bubba has been treated for his drug addiction and is doing excellent. Based on Bubba’s toxicology results, additional charges of animal cruelty will be filed against his former owners.”

    Bubba is still receiving medical care and once he is fully recovered, he will be placed with a rescue organization who can find him a forever home that can provide the proper care he will need in the future.

    Terrier Puppy Positive for Heroin, Meth, and Nicotine: Goes to Heroin Detox image

    This is what Bubba looks like now! Posted in comments by TPD.

    Hear that? Bubba needs a forever home. You can contact the Tustin Police Department directly to make inquires about Bubba.

    Are Drug Dealers Forcing Heroin on Attack Dogs?

    A story dredged up from 2012 reported drug dealers are in the trade of hooking their canines of heroin, and training them to attack police officers. The dogs become aggressive (just like humans) when they are forced to go through heroin detox.

    Considering heroin is a central nervous system depressant, and would not foment undue aggression in humans while under the influence- I decided to do some more digging. (Heroin addicts are known to “nod out” and become sluggish.) To my surprise, I found the same claims in multiple reports. According to The Fix injecting dogs with heroin is common in Scotland. A local rescue center reported 40% of the dogs admitted ingested illicit substances.

    Lesley Connelly, specializing in canine psychology, says, “A dog on heroin will run around, leap up the walls and will be completely manic. If you attempt to approach it you will get bitten.”

    In Scotland’s “housing projects” staffordshire bull terriers are commonly bred among the addicted population, and are used as a type of currency. Two staffies who were “repeatedly injected with heroin” were put down because of their manic behavior.

    Heroin Detox Saves Drug Addicted Dogs

    Just as heroin detox saves pups who are addicted to the substance. In each case criminal charge in America are sought in justice of dogs who are subjected to illicit substances. If you suspect a dog may be under the influence of an addictive substance contact your local police department immediately. Canines under the influence will behave manically in the case of heroin, and those exposed to marijuana will be fearful and shaky.

    Keep an eye out for those who can’t speak for themselves!


    Can you believe someone would do this to a dog?


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