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South Florida Law Officials Crack Down on Flakka Importer

  • South Florida Law Officials Crack Down on Flakka Importer

    South Florida Law Officials Crack Down on Flakka Importer

    You’ve seen the crazy headlines, the bizarre, and seemingly random, flakka news dawning the letterheads of internet news publications and print news sources alike. Aside from the terrifying, alarmingly entertaining, and concerning news announcements alerting the public to this new designer drug epidemic, what’s truly being done to redress this obviously dangerous new drug? We already know those under the influence of flakka have superhuman strength and experience manic bouts of delirium, prompting violence and unpredictable behavior- but there hasn’t been any concrete action against the bath salt derivative, until now.

    Local South Florida officials are holding Jaimie Nicole Lewis (22) on the accusation of conspiring to import, possess, and disseminate flakka, according to the Sun Sentinel. Allegedly her trove of flakka came from China. Lewis has appeared in court for other drug charges, and it’s that history which is spurring U.S Magistrate Judge Dave Brannon to come down hard. He asserts Lewis will be kept behind bars because he deems Lewis a threat to the public, and is frustrated with her previous stints with the law, which have appeared to yield little effect on her behavior involving illegal substances. Currently Lewis has another case of marijuana possession with the intent to sell pending in Broward County.

    Lewis’ boyfriend, Keven Raphael Bully, is also involved as a co-defendant. Officers intercepted suspicious packages being delivered to the Palm Beach County, and found the couple responsible for orchestrating the shipment of a substance testing positive for alpha-PVP: flakka. A search of Bully’s home in Boca Raton uncovered stores of marijuana, $60,000 in cash, multiple cell phones (3), and a white substance- assumed to be a mixture of flakka from an empty shipping package from the company thought to be the source of the addictive substance.

    Brannon denied Lewis’ release under the conditions of an ankle monitor because of her previous involvement with the court system. If Lewis is found guilty she could incur a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for her actions. It was not reported whether or not Lewis and Bully will be offered drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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