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Sober Living Communities May See Rapid Change in Florida

  • Sober Living Communities May See Rapid Change in Florida

    Sober Living Communities May See Rapid Change in Florida

    Sober living communities act has transitory living quarters for newly rehabilitated patients with drug and alcohol use disorders. The communities are intended to help patients get their feet wet living independently again after undergoing treatment in the confines of a 24 hour medically monitored facility. Unfortunately, some Florida government officials are citing deplorable sober living communities subjecting newly recovered patients to overcrowding, few treatment options, and “drug dealers entering the residential neighborhoods,” according to The Sun Sentinel.

    A bill has passed the house and state legislature to begin monitoring sober living communities by means of implementing sober living community certification by the state. Certification will be optional, however, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida will be unable to refer patients to sober living communities without state certification. This measure is being proposed in order to weed out the sober living communities endangering the lives of newly rehabilitated patients of substance use disorders. Certification for the communities would be regulated by the Department of Children and Families, a new government organization yet to be created. The bill intends to limit the amount of patients allowed admittance into sober living communities, and will give government officials a map of where sober living communities are populating.

    Sober living communities will not be shut down, as they are protected by the Fair Housing Act. Rep. Bill Hager (R) attempted to pass a similar bill in 2014, but was denied by the senate. Hager eagerly anticipates the favorable reception of his new legislation. The Sun Sentinel quotes Hager, “The challenge for us was to get this done within the U.S. Constitution. We believe we’ve done that.”

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