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Drunk Pokemon Go Rant: Confessions of a Pokemon Go Addict #TeamValor

  • Drunk Pokemon Go Rant: Confessions of a Pokemon Go Addict #TeamValor

    Drunk Pokemon Go Rant: Confessions of a Pokemon Go Addict #TeamValor

    Are We Addicted to Pokemon Go Already?

    It’s been twelve days since I’ve slept.

    Every time I try to go to sleep, I hear the call of the weedles and rattatas in my yard. I rouse myself, groggy- but eager to catch those Pokemon! I left my house. I actually left my house to go play Pokemon. I drove around this weekend just to visit lures. I ran out of bed in the late hours of the night to catch my first Eevee. Niantic knows how to rouse a bunch of 20 year olds into action- how to rip them apart in faction wars. And we love it.

    I’ve seen more young-ish adults outside mingling together in the last week than I have in ages! Are we bonded in our unity of geekdom, or in our obsessive impulses to capture tiny (and gargantuan) electronic companions? Why do we need to catch all the Pokemon? Why is #TeamValor better than #TeamMystic? Why doesn’t #TeamInstinct care?

    Why does Team Mystic keep camping at gyms to steal what they haven’t won?

    Why Team Mystic?!


    Pokemon Go, a Budding Psychological Addiction?

    If Pokemon games were a staple of your childhood, how could you resist the urge to live the adventure of the first 150 Pokemon in your own backyard? Remember when we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, the Advance, DS, 3DS?

    (Some of us play X & Y, but we don’t talk about that. It’s not their fault.)

    Would you consider yourself a Pokemon addict, or so woefully addicted to Pokemon you forced your parents- or used your entire allowance- on batteries? Did you freeze them? Did you plead with your refrigerator to bring your dead batteries back to life? Was being obsessed with Pokemon okay because all your friends were too?

    It being obsessed with Pokemon Go okay now?

    Sure it is, in moderation, of course. Pokemon Go will most likely become the new “video game of choice” in a long line of Monster Hunters, Call of Duty warriors, and MMO champions. Video game addiction is real, and Pokemon Go is no exception. Be aware of your surroundings and stay mindful of how much of your time you devote to our beloved Pokemon Go. PokeGo has captured our phones- the creatures we have on us 24/7. That means it’s our responsibility to remain mindful of– Dratini three steps away!!

    Pokemon Go Anti-Obsession Tips

    • Go with friends, and do things– other than PokeGo
    • Go without the portable phone charger- it’ll be okay
    • Go to the beach for more than Pikachu– get in the water!
    • Go home when it’s 12am and you’re still looking for Pokemon
    • Go Team Valor!


    7 Musts of Pokemon Go

    1. Take Over All #TeamMystic Pokemon Gyms with #TeamValor

    2. Create a New Account If You Didn’t Choose #TeamValor

    3. Evolve Weedles & Pidgeys Often for 500xp

    4. Don’t Be a Hermit and Play with Your Friends

    5. Be Nice to #TeamMystic, It’s Not Their Fault

    6. Don’t Be a Gym Camper

    7. #TeamInstinct Is Your Friend



    Drunk Pokemon Go Rant: Confessions of a Pokemon Go Addict #TeamValor image

    Pokemon Go Teams by  licensed under CC by 3.0

    Get out there are Catch them All!

    Featured Image: Pokemon Go licensed under CC by 2.0

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