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Assassin’s Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction

  • Assassin’s Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction

    Assassin’s Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction

    Michael Fassbender, the New Heart-Throb of the Assassin’s Creed Movie

    We love Michael Fassbender in pretty much every role he plays, but can he pull off an assassin of Ezio Auditore’s Brotherhood? Have you seen the pictures of Fassbender in full Assassin’s Creed regalia? The costumes are gorgeous, but can Michael Fassbender go from Magneto to kickass ninja guy? I’ll reserve judgement until the Assassin’s Creed movie trailer finally comes out.

    But I have to wonder, is our fascination with the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie (coming out on December 21st, 2016) indicative of a video gaming addiction, or an enthusiastic interest in the vivid storytelling of the Assassin’s Creed franchise?

    Where Is the Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer? Where’s Ezio? Who Is Callum Lynch?

    Updated: The Trailer, the trailer is here! 

    No. Really. Where is it? We know Michael Fassbender is starring as a new member of Ezio Auditore’s Brotherhood in the Assassin’s Creed movie; we’ve seen still photos of Fassbender, but where the heck is the trailer? Where?
    No amount of googling has proved useful in my fervent search to uncover the greatness (or maybe complete flop) of the Assassin’s Creed movie. Am I bent on finding this trailer because I want to give you
    everything to prepare you for the release of the AC film, or am I showing signs of mild gaming addiction?

    I will say, I’ve always loved the thought of writing for a video game company one day. I mean, Dragon Age is my favorite franchise- why not write for them? (I wish!)

    Anyway, Callum Lynch isn’t in the actual Assassin’s Creed universe. It’s suspected he may be apart of Ezio Auditore’s Brotherhood of assassins. Wiki says Callum Lynch is a present day descendant of a 15th century Spanish assassin, Aguilar de Nerha. In Assassin Creed style, Cullum immerses himself in his past life by reliving his memories through genetics.

    Is Our Movie Fascination with Assassin’s Creed Video Game Addiction?

    Assassin's Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction imageI know a thing or two about gaming addiction, and yes, it’s real. From first hand experience in my MMO days of Rift raiding, I’ve learned a thing or two about the psychological dangers of gaming addiction. Although not physically addictive, gaming addiction is a harmful condition. Video gaming addiction pans out to any other addictive disorder: isolating video gamers from social circles, taking over everything else of precedence, spurring depression or agitation when separated from consoles and computers.

    What Is Gaming Addiction?

    Don’t take my word for it- gaming addiction is clearly defined by WebMD.

    What kind of strange gaming cancer to I have now, WebMD?

    Video gaming addiction is often compared to food addiction as a dominantly psychological condition. Gamers have to learn to channel their stress in alternative mediums. Some must forgo gaming altogether. I don’t game as often as I used to- but if I pick up an in depth RPG I binge. I try to keep gaming to a minimum.

    Top 11 Video Game Addiction Symptoms

    Here’s a few from my personal vault of coping with video game addiction:

    1. Abandoning all of your “real life friends”
    2. Surrounding yourself with “in-game” friends exclusively
    3. Becoming an eternal hermit
    4. Assassin's Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction imagePurchasing gaming equipment
    5. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning endlessly gaming
    6. Gaming while not doing anything- like running your character in circles, or jumping excessively
    7. Raiding. Becoming an officer in a guild. Raiding. Stop raiding.
    8. Blowing off school or work to play video games
    9. Ceasing to do everything else you love, other than gaming
    10. Becoming reluctant to connect with real life people; developing insecurity
    11. Remaining hesitant to reach out to help

    I’m sure there are countless more, but these stick out in my memory the most.

    Does Gaming Addiction Treatment Exist?

    Sure! Video gaming addiction can be addressed with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), just as any other detrimental behavior. In CBT therapist and client focus on the underlying cause of unrest- in this case, video gaming. You’ll explore why you feel the compulsive need to game, and go from there in resolving feelings of depression, loneliness, or rejection. Akin to other “bad behaviors,” there are a million doors leading to addiction to video games.

    Assassin's Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction imageRecognizing your behavior and seeking out alternatives to gaming is one of the first steps of recovery. If you’re capable of gaming moderately, do so- but if you find yourself spiraling into the same addictive habits, you’ll have to come to terms gaming isn’t something you should do; for both your physical and psychological health.

    I lost a lot of weight while locked up in my room.

    (I wouldn’t mind losing some weight now.)

    And no, this isn’t an incentive, but an indicator I was neglecting to take care of myself. Healthy weight loss is achieved in a gym, or physical activity- not in a bed huddled with a laptop gaming obsessively.

    Video Game Addiction Test

    If you’re wondering if you or a loved one of yours may be addicted to gaming, why not take a stab at some of these video game addiction tests? We can’t quite attest to their validity, but if you come away with any internal insight at all, it’s worth it!


    Video Game Addiction Test by IllnessQuiz

    Video Game Addiction test for Parents by Parents

    Game Addiction Test by Optenet


    The Takeaway:

    Assassin's Creed Movie Premiere Trailor Released, Michael Fassbender Stars | Video Game Addiction imageYes, gaming addiction is a thing. No, we haven’t seen the new Assassin’s Creed movie trailer. Yes, the costumes for the AC movies are amazing! No, you shouldn’t game for endless hours a day. Yes, listen to yourself when you think you game too much. No, don’t ignore your intuition about your gaming habits. No, don’t cope with emotional stress solely through gaming. Yes, go to cognitive behavioral therapy for gaming addiction.

    Got all that? Great!


    What’s your take on gaming addiction?


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