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Jeb Bush’s New TV Ad Focuses on His Personal Ties to the Addiction Crisis

  • Jeb Bush’s New TV Ad Focuses on His Personal Ties to the Addiction Crisis

    Jeb Bush’s New TV Ad Focuses on His Personal Ties to the Addiction Crisis

    Many Floridians are aware of Republican candidate Jeb Bush’s ties to the addiction crisis sweeping the nation; after all, he was serving as our governor when, in 2002, his daughter Noelle was arrested on drug charges. She served time in jail and went on to complete a rehabilitation program and now has several years of sobriety, much to the pride of both of her parents

    Her struggle has undoubtedly inspired her father, who has pushed for greater accountability on the federal and state levels in aiding those suffering from substance abuse disorders. Addiction and the drug crisis has been an important to this presidential race; each candidate has spoken on the issue and what actions they intend to take if they become our next president.

    Jeb Bush’s latest commercial for his campaign features clips from a speech he gave at a town hall meeting in Dover, in which he touches on the struggles he faced as father whose daughter overcame substance abuse. He explains that Noelle supports him sharing their story if it will help others. As a father, he speaks personally to the families affected most by the epidemic. His approach to the subject of substance abuse in America is genuine, rather than forced by campaign managers to boost votes.

    While some have criticized Bush, claiming he is exploiting family misfortune to try to give himself an edge, I don’t believe that. Despite the past Bush family criticisms, I believe Jeb is genuine in his desire to end the addiction crisis in America. Like many parents and family members of people with substance abuse disorders, Jeb Bush’s family has joined the fight to end stigmatization and punishment, instead urging authorities on the state and federal level to offer recovery options and support for their communities.

    Featured Image: “Jeb Bush” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

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