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Florida Lawmakers in Palm Beach County Hold off on Kratom Regulation

  • Florida Lawmakers in Palm Beach County Hold off on Kratom Regulation

    Florida Lawmakers in Palm Beach County Hold off on Kratom Regulation

    You’ve probably heard about the infamously dangerous designer drug, flakka, ravaging South Florida with strange headlines and dangerous bouts of manic insanity among those abusing the addictive substance. Surprisingly, Florida officials in Palm Beach County have held off on regulating kratom, an addictive substance found within flakka. Local convenience stores will not be banned from selling the substance and will not be required to post warning signs informing the public of the potential addictive properties of the substance often touted as a natural herbal medicine– heroin is also natural.

    Kava bars are a hot spot for kratom consumption- as the herbal bars profit on the basis of providing their customers with medicinal relief and relaxation, without alcohol. Kratom is typically served as an herbal tea, or presented in its raw form (leaves). The attempt to post initial warning signs of kratom consumption was defeated due to lack of evidence of its danger. Florida plans to conduct studies on the drug in an attempt to illuminate what remains unknown about the substance. The Drug Enforcement Administration lists kratom as both a stimulant and depressant, dependent upon the dosage consumed.

    Kratom induces withdrawal when used frequently; symptoms include heightened aggression, hallucinations, and confusion- according to The Sun Sentinel. The initial alarm surrounding kratom was raised in December, after Palm Beach County noted an increase in usage. It would appear the initial hysteria has quelled. The results of study of kratom should be completed in fall of 2015. The University of Mississippi is also slated to conduct its own investigation; their findings will help Florida determine the danger of kratom.

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