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Crack Cocaine and Pink Handguns: 2 Men Arrested

  • Crack Cocaine and Pink Handguns: 2 Men Arrested

    Crack Cocaine and Pink Handguns: 2 Men Arrested

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    Who Says Pink Handguns Aren’t Manly?

    Two men in Hartford were arrested after the seizure of 36 small bags of crack cocaine, PCP, and an obliterated (the serial number was marred off) pink handgun. Isn’t that cute? Neither man claimed ownership of the illicit substances or the pink firearm (I mean, would you?)- and so, they both received charges for possession of crack cocaine, PCP, possession of a handgun without a permit, intent to sell narcotics, and of course, failure to signal.

    Blinker, people! They do exist.

    Is Crack Cocaine an Epidemic?

    In our sunny south Florida crack cocaine takes permanent residence, both in “ghettos” and suburban areas alike. Is the substance on the same level of national emergency as opiates are? Not quite. According to statistics, use of cocaine has decreased since 2013. Approximately 5,500 cocaine related deaths occurred in 2014 as compared to nearly 8,000 in 2006.

    Interestingly, in South Florida specifically, the designer drug, Flakka, has overcome cocaine and crack cocaine use on the streets:

    According to Business Insider, Broward County has reported that synthetic drugs, mainly flakka, have surpassed cocaine as the most common drug found in crime-lab reports. Detective Schwartz stated that it’s the first time he can recall that any drug has surpassed cocaine. Broward County crime labs reported that synthetic drugs accounted for 34 percent of drug seizures, and cocaine was just behind at 30 percent. Broward County has already reported over 275 flakka-related incidents as of May this year.

    Crack Cocaine Overdose

    Crack Cocaine and Pink Handguns: 2 Men Arrested imageCrack cocaine is a cocaine diluted with other substances;  they vary from “dealer”  to dealer, and may be laced with other illicit substances, and common household cleaning products. An overdose from crack cocaine can be fatal, and can happen from just one hit.

    Learn more about Cocaine:

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