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Dade and Broward County Schools Rank Top for Marijuana Incidents

  • Dade and Broward County Schools Rank Top for Marijuana Incidents

    Dade and Broward County Schools Rank Top for Marijuana Incidents

    In the recent outbreak of the mini flakka epidemic in South Florida, we’ve almost forgotten about marijuana! Local 10 News compiled an aggregate of all the the drug related incidents occurring in South Florida’s public school systems, and found that marijuana was the principal substance of abuse among teens. The report does not differentiate between marijuana that is smoked, or altered in oil, vapor, or other forms. Local 10 reports the perspective of marijuana use is changing among teenagers, who don’t believe the substance to be dangerous. But 17% of marijuana users will become addicted to the illegal substance.


    81 percent of teens who participated in the survey said they had easy access to the illicit substance. Out of the schools polled for information about marijuana use and drug related incidents Dade and Broward counties crested the top of the list. Dade county had a whopping 10,850 safety incident reports between 2013-2014; Broward county met about half way at 5,867. Drug related incidents including marijuana accounted for 92% of all reports in both counties. Although Dade county crushed Broward in the number of reported safety incidents, broward claimed top numbers in reference to drug related incidents at 859 as compared to Dade’s 351.

    What does this mean for the Broward and Dade county school districts? We’re not quite sure. With this information school districts may introduce more well-rounded drug prevention programs, or have their students participate in specialized programs to help keep them out of trouble and focused on the things that interest them. Teens today are receiving mixed signals from a nation which has made marijuana illegal- but individual states who deem its consumption suitable for recreational use- which probably accounts for the perception that marijuana is not a dangerous substance. Whether or not you’re for the prohibition of marijuana, or the legalization of it, the fact remains marijuana is an addictive substance, which demands students, and adults alike, recognize it for the potential danger that it is- not unlike alcohol.

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