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12 Hospitalized at Wesleyan University for Drug Overdose

  • 12 Hospitalized at Wesleyan University for Drug Overdose

    12 Hospitalized at Wesleyan University for Drug Overdose

    Ten Wesleyan students and two guests were hospitalized after overdosing on Molly. Although these 12 individuals were hospitalized at different times and different locations around campus,  it is believed that the students and guests received a “bad batch” of Molly. Molly, which is a club drug, is a derivative of MDMA and is marketed as a “pure” form of MDMA. However, like many synthetic drugs, molly is mixed with other substances which adulteres it. Being as though molly is almost never pure, it is often use of this drug causes overdose. School officials at Wesleyan University are urging their students to stay away from illegal substances as they can be deadly, or lead to overdoses which have the potential to cause permanent brain damage. Students were encouraged to let someone know if they’re aware of individuals distributing the drug, as they directly put the lives of countless students in danger of permanent brain damage and drug related fatalities.

    Medical officials at Hartford Hospital state they’ve recently seen an increase in young adults being admitted to their facility for overdose. Generally, these individuals require drug addiction treatment for symptoms associated with drug overdose or a severe drug reaction range between 15 and 20 years old. Drug overdoses commonly peak around the summertime when various music festivals and parties increase in frequency.

    According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 13 percent of young adults ranging between ages 18 to 25 years old have admitted to using MDMA, ecstasy, or molly before. It is also reported emergency hospital visits associated with drugs in teens and young adults nearly doubled between the years of 2005 and 2011. Unfortunately, these drugs are becoming more popular in college environments, and even more accessible. If higher education on drug abuse, addiction and their consequences were being implemented on college campuses, the increase in drug overdoses would be significantly decreased. As Wesleyan University’s president stated “One mistake can change your life forever.”

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