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Teenagers Who Use Sleep Medication More Prone to Drug Abuse

  • Teenagers Who Use Sleep Medication More Prone to Drug Abuse

    Teenagers Who Use Sleep Medication More Prone to Drug Abuse

    A new infographic emerged on the Tech Times website on November 26. It unearthed a new warning sign indicate that teenagers are at risk of abusing prescription drugs if they have been diagnosed them to help with a sleep disorder or to alleviate anxiety. Prescription drugs – and how they have become more frequently used across US society in recent years – is a real concern for the healthcare sector. More adolescents are medicated now than ever before, and oftentimes, the use of such medication can quickly be transformed from good intentions to bad.

    According to the University of Michigan School of Nursing, more needs to be done to find alternatives to over-the-counter meds. And, before a teenager is given drugs for sleep disorders or anxiety, they should undergo a risk assessment to see if they are at risk of drug addiction in the future. Some of the drugs which are given to teenagers to help with their illnesses are exceptionally strong. When it comes to alleviating anxiety, they include Xanax and Valium. Many of the medications can cause addiction, and withdrawal symptoms if they are not used for a prolonged amount of time.The study was also able to develop a profile of the type of teenager most likely to abuse prescription drugs at some point.

    Typically, they are white and female – or, as discussed, had been granted them by a doctor years earlier. Consequences of prescription drug abuse include an increase in criminal activity as teenagers try to acquire the medicine more frequently than their doctor allows, as well as fatal drug overdoses.The best advice which can be given to parents is to ensure that the use of anti-anxiety and sleeping pills are monitored closely and kept under lock and key. That ensures they are used constructively rather than destructively.

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