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Stay Away from K2 (Spice) If You Want to Avoid a Hospital Visit

  • Stay Away from K2 (Spice) If You Want to Avoid a Hospital Visit

    Stay Away from K2 (Spice) If You Want to Avoid a Hospital Visit

    Our sister state, Alabama, is experiencing a string of hospitalizations on the account of a synthetic substance known as K2 (Spice). The substance is potentially addictive, and is branded as “natural,” which is endearing consumers to the dangerous substance. According to CBS News, Alabama public health officers report 98 people have been hospitalized on the account of K2. The substance is a medley of herbs, spices, and chemicals. Yum. The composition attempts to mimic the effect of marijuana- and is something called synthetic marijuana, even though cannabis is not typically used in the substance’s mixture.

    The DEA asserts most users of K2 smoke the synthetic drug or make it into a potent tea. Because there isn’t a lot of data that exist about the substance, public health officials are unclear about which chemicals specifically are used to synthesize the substance. K2 has reportedly spurred chronic anxiety, agitation, aggression, increased heart rate, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, seizures, and anxiety attacks. Officials are concerned about K2 use among high school students, who admit to using the substance.

    The problem with K2 is shared among many synthetic substances, and that is its wide availability. K2 can be purchased in convenience stores under the guise of packed incense or herbal supplements. New York has also reported hospitalizations caused by the synthetic drug. According to News Channel 8, 160 patients have been hospitalized from spice. Arlene Gonzalez Sanchez is quoted by News Channel 8, “Young people may be fooled into think that these substances are safe because they are sold over the counter or are in colorful packaging, but they are not made for human consumption, they are dangerous and can have significant, long-term effects on the brain.”

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