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Stacey Dash- Why Are You So Judgmental?

  • Stacey Dash- Why Are You So Judgmental?

    Stacey Dash- Why Are You So Judgmental?

    Stacey, Stacey, Stacey… perhaps your character in Clueless was a little more true to real life than I initially thought.

    Stacey Dash may have been recognized for her acting and modelling in the 90s, but today her largest claim to fame is being outspoken, apathetic, and sometimes, frankly, ignorant. Stacey has not been shy about voicing her opinions- or as some believe, the opinions of the people behind her checks- and the resulting fall outs only seem to boost her ego.

    Here’s a quick recap of what she’s said:

    [Minorities] feel worthless. They’re uneducated. I mean, as long as you are that way, [Democrats] can keep you under their control.” (When discussing Obamacare.)

    God does everything for a reason, Paula Deen. Only God can judge your heart BTW my daughter loves your show.” (after the racism scandal involving Paula Deen.)

    “We have to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black.(When discussing the lack of black nominees for the 2016 Oscars.)

    It’s pretty easy to see how people would be offended by these kinds of comments; many people feel that Stacey Dash has lost all connection to the realities that face black Americans, women, and other minority groups.

    Perhaps that’s why she’s releasing a new book about her life, titled There Goes My Social Life. In it, she details her childhood, revealing that she was molested by a 16 year old family acquaintance at only four years old. Her childhood continued to be incredibly trying, leading to her addiction to cocaine at 16, after being provided the drug and struggling with self-esteem and self-worth. She would later enter an abusive relationship where she was beaten by a boyfriend in areas of her body that could be covered by clothing.

    The book also details her near abortion for her son with Christopher Williams, Austin.

    “I couldn’t find happiness. It got to the point where I didn’t even want to live anymore. The voice in my head was saying, ‘There’s nothing here for you.’ When I got pregnant, I was doing a lot of drugs and I didn’t want to live. I wanted to die. I was going to have an abortion. I was crying and I said to God, ‘Please tell me what to do.’ And God told me, ‘Keep your son.’ I ripped the IV out of my arm and I said, ‘I’m keeping my son.’”

    Stacey Dash- Why Are You So Judgmental? image

    “Stacey Dash” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC by 3.0.

    As someone who has had intimate experiences with things like addiction and abuse, it’s difficult to understand how she can pass such harsh judgment on others in those very same situations. Instead of being compassionate and encouraging recovery, she has mocked and criticized disadvantaged and suffering people.

    And what does she have to say about that? Well, we’re taking it the wrong way, of course!

    “When I say there should not be a BET channel or a Black History Month, I’m saying we deserve more. I just hope people understand that I’m not judging; I’m coming from experience,” she said (when forced to recant her comments, of course).

    Let’s give Stacey Dash the benefit of the doubt; let’s say she really is attempting to be encouraging and it just constantly coming out the wrong way- then what? If her commentary is truly meant to be uplifting, it sounds a lot like, “hey being poor is bad, just stop being poor.” She has plenty to say about what is wrong with government assistance programs and her opinions of those who rely on them, but no solutions beyond ‘get up and do something,’ thus reinforcing the entirely untrue and ignorant stereotype that people who need assistance are lazy, unmotivated moochers.

    Perhaps Stacey’s personal experiences lead her to being the woman she is today- she has certainly seen success in her own right. But to say because she was able to get to her current position in life, others who have not are somehow inferior is ridiculous. While she did touch on the fact that greater opportunities would help disadvantaged communities, the opinions and stereotypes she has helped to perpetuate are the exact things preventing those opportunities from coming to fruition.

    Featured Image: “Stacey Dash at 2016 CPAC” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

    Do you think Stacey Dash speaking out about her past is a ploy to help her image? Comment below with your thoughts!

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