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Oregon Woman Smuggles Heroin into County Jail

  • Oregon Woman Smuggles Heroin into County Jail

    Oregon Woman Smuggles Heroin into County Jail

    They say desperation leads people to do some strange things.

    On Tuesday, September 29th, Jessi Lee Schneider was booked into Clatsop County Jail after violating her parole. The intake process was pretty typical, including a strip search and examination of Schneider’s clothing and other possessions. Schneider passed through the process pretty quickly and without incident and officers did not suspect anything out of the ordinary about the new inmate.

    It wasn’t later that her cellmate reported her for smuggling 10 grams of heroin and a smaller amount of meth.

    According to the Daily Astorian, Jessi Lee successfully concealed the drugs in her vagina before removing them in the cell and hiding them in her jumpsuit. The presence of drugs upset her new roomie because the fellow inmate was recovering from addiction and was distressed by the introduction of tempting substances.

    Schneider’s secret stash was about ten times that of the average substance abuser’s typical desired amounts, which rose concerns for officers within the county jail.

    Oregon Woman Smuggles Heroin into County Jail image

    Schneider’s haul was about ten times the usual dose of a heroin abuser.

    “It could have led to an overdose in the jail,” Jason Hoover, a detective with the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office noted, “It could have been a lot worse.”

    People who suffer from substance abuse have no access to their vices and thus undergo a type of forced abstinence detoxification. Doctors and nursing staff at the jail help with symptoms of withdrawal and drug-related issues but the danger of relapse is a real threat to those who have not received counseling or therapy to address their addiction.

    Reintroduction of an illicit drug like heroin or meth can prove disastrous as even minute doses can trigger overdose and death. By introducing dangerous drugs into the jail, even if intended for her own personal use, Schneider put the entire population at risk. Because of her rash actions, Schneider is now facing felony charges of possession and introduction of a controlled substance into a jail in addition to violation of probation.

    Schneider’s record of criminal history also includes identity theft, assault, and a prior heroin possession charge.

    Image: “Jail Cell” by Andrew Bardwell. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

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