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#OcSober: The Month Long Abstinence Campaign

  • #OcSober: The Month Long Abstinence Campaign

    #OcSober: The Month Long Abstinence Campaign

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about social media, it’s that people love a trend or a contest. From the Ice Bucket challenge and the the #Nojudge trending video posts, social media users want to be part of Facebook movements and Instagram crazes, and sometimes their participation is for a good cause.

    Just as National Recovery Month comes to an end, October begins and with it the Go Sober for October campaign sponsored by MacMillan Cancer Support network. The premise is for 31 days participants abstain from alcohol or, if they are already non-drinkers the substance of their choice. Some OcSober contributors choose cigarettes, sugar, coffee, or even shopping, while others are choosing this at the moment to quit drinking for good.

    Go Sober for October has garnered some criticism however- some participants choose to end a month of sobriety by resorting to old habits or even worse, a night of heavy binge drinking. Not only is this dangerous- alcohol poisoning is serious and life-threatening- but it goes against the message of the event.

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    Just one month without alcohol can benefit your health!

    Abstaining from alcohol for even one month is beneficial to your health rather you are a heavy drinker or only occasionally partake in alcohol: the liver and other organs begin to heal, energy levels increase, and your mind is clearer than ever. Plus, no one has ever complained about having extra money in their pocket.

    The hope of MacMillan is that OcSober will help people gain a new perspective about alcohol consumption. Alcohol has a limited legal status; anyone over the age of 21 can purchase and consume it. This in addition to its ready availability lead many to believe alcohol is a safer alternative to other mind-altering drugs. This simply isn’t true; alcohol is among the most destructive illicit substances available. By introducing sober living and fun without the aid of alcohol, MacMillan hopes to change the way alcohol consumption is approached in the U.S.

    Will you be participating in #OcSober? Let us know your plans in the comments!

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