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What?! Man Faces Charges After Confronting Daughter’s Drug Supplier

  • What?! Man Faces Charges After Confronting Daughter’s Drug Supplier

    What?! Man Faces Charges After Confronting Daughter’s Drug Supplier

    The thing about the justice system is sometimes it gets things backwards.

    That’s likely the thought that has been looping through Nova Scotia man Stephen Sampson after he was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon, uttering threats, and unlawfully entering a dwelling. A dwelling housing the woman who drugged his daughter.

    The incident happened when his 13 year old daughter and her 14 year old best friend attended a house party over the weekend of September 25th to the 27th. According to CBC Nova Scotia, the young teenage girls were given a bottle of rum by the homeowner. After she got the girls drunk, the unnamed woman gave them a drug she said would help them sober up before heading home.


    The drug in question was Molly- four lines of it to snort between the two girls. Not only was the fact that these young girls consumed a significant amount of rum dangerous, now this utter imbecile of a woman was giving them a dangerous concoction of MDMA and other substances as a method of getting sober? Understandably, Sampson was beside himself with fury.

    Stephen said he called the woman when the children arrived home noticeably high and freaking out.

    “One was tearing off her clothes trying to release whatever was in her skin. The other had a bloody nose. My daughter, she was scared she was dying, so they told me everything- where they were, what had happened.”

    He goes on to explain where things took an unexpected turn: “I called this person and I said, ‘What the hell did you give my daughter? What is going on?’ and she said ‘Oh, it was just a bit of Molly, I thought you’d be cool, I thought you were solid.’”

    That conversation inevitably led to a confrontation that led to Sampson’s arrest- the details are not yet available because they have not yet been filed in the courts. Sampson has said he is restricted from leaving Nova Scotia until his court appearance on November 25th, which is affecting his ability to work.

    As for the woman? Thus far, she faces no charges. When Sampson demanded this be rectified, the Cape Breton Regional Police stated the incident was still under investigation.

    What?! Man Faces Charges After Confronting Daughter's Drug Supplier image

    The investigation continues in the case of a woman accused of supplying young teens with rum and Molly.

    Frankly this is all a bit ridiculous, is it not? Stephen Sampson may have acted brashly (may have, the details of the confrontation are not available) but how is his offense worse than drugging two young girls?! He’s not being charged with assault and battery or anything that would indicate actual physical violence, yet this woman is still not facing charges herself? I can’t help but to think that if she were a man, she would be in custody right now- they would have magically found a way to arrest her then. If some man invited young teenage girls to his house, got them drunk, then fed them drugs there would be no question about charges. Also, are they just going to ignore that these children could have easily died?

    I just don’t understand.

    Do you think the woman who supplied the drugs and alcohol should have been arrested? Do you support Sampson’s arrest? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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