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Lamar Odom Continues to Recover, Now Faces Possible Drug Charges

  • Lamar Odom Continues to Recover, Now Faces Possible Drug Charges

    Lamar Odom Continues to Recover, Now Faces Possible Drug Charges

    Since the tragic overdose that hospitalized former NBA star Lamar Odom and reportedly caused 12 strokes, we have tracked his progress and recovery closely.

    Unfortunately, as many who have experienced and survived severe reactions to drug overdoses know, recovery can be slow coming and arduous. While many fans and critics of Odom and the Kardashian family to which he is affiliated have heard that it will take months of physical and psychological therapy for Lamar to return to his normal state, I don’t think most realize what that really means.

    Lamar Odom suffered 12 strokes. Just one can be enough to completely incapacitate someone for the rest of their lives. Doctors aren’t even sure just how extensive his brain injuries are and how they will affect Odom’s speech and fine motor skills in the future.

    According to TMZ he struggles with communication and mobility; he can’t even recognize some of his closest friends and family members. This is no laughing matter, despite all the jokes which stemmed from the October 13th incident.

    And things are only getting worse for Lamar Odom. The District Attorney in Nye County, Nevada- Angela Bello is considering pressing charges against Odom. She told TMZ that her office is considering criminal charges of either possession or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

    TMZ researchers were unable to find any previous records of someone suffering an overdose and being prosecuted for possession while hospitalized. That fact has some questioning if these charges are being brought forth because of Odom’s celebrity status and the highly publicized nature of this situation.

    When confronted with those allegations, Bello stated that Odom was being treated “like any other Joe Schmo”, which makes no sense if this is the first instance of overdose leading to criminal charges.

    Lamar Odom Continues to Recover, Now Faces Possible Drug Charges image

    Lamar overdose was reportedly caused by a mixture of herbal Viagra and cocaine.

    Regardless, it is certainly backpedaling; as a country, many are pushing for decriminalization and rehabilitation rather than prison and legal punishment. If Bello chooses to continue forth with possible charges she, as a District Attorney, is proving ignorant to the realities of addiction.

    Addiction is a disease; Odom and all others suffering from substance abuse disorders need help, compassion, and support, not a jail sentence.

    Questions have arisen concerning rather Odom would even be fit to stand trial given his current struggles. Reportedly he doesn’t even know why he’s in the hospital. Khloe, his estranged but supportive wife, has elected not to reveal that information to him as it may set back his recovery. Lamar knows he has a brain injury, but not the severity of it or how it came to be. Thus far Lamar has not pushed the topic.

    Image: “Lamar Odom Lakers” by Bridget Samuels. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

    Do you think Lamar should face charges stemming from his October 13th overdose? Let us know what you think!

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