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International Day of Tolerance

  • International Day of Tolerance

    International Day of Tolerance

    In light of the insanity and violence seemingly encompassing the world, it seems fitting that today is the International Day of Tolerance– so denoted as to encourage peace and coexistence among the many people of the world whom come from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

    If nothing else, the aftermath of November 13th’s attacks on Paris, Lebanon and the incredible damages caused by earthquakes in Japan and Mexico has shown that it is possible for the world to unite in the face of tragedy.

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    Unfortunately the pain and fear also brought forth by the senseless acts of ten suspects has also shown the ugliness that lies just beneath the surface in some hearts.

    This International Day of Tolerance it is more important than ever to band together and stand against both the hate that triggered the irrational violence in France and the hate against innocent, unassociated people with the vaguest, assumed associates to the perpetrators of these terror attacks. In France, it is also incredibly important to keep those survivors and families of the victims close at heart and under close supervision.

    The aftermath of terror attacks have some unanticipated effects on those directly and even indirectly affected. Following the 2001 terror attacks in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania there was a significant increase in use of addictive substances. Unable to cope with the intense feelings of guilt, anger, and grief, people turn to anything as a means of relief.

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    In this time of vulnerability, the people affected by the recent terror attacks around the world need support and caring.

    Others simply could not cope. Suicides among survivors of the September 11th terror attacks continued to climb even years later. There was a 200 percent increase in people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder living in Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks. The damages done by the 2001 attacks were far reaching and continue on to this day.

    I can only imagine there will be similar results in the situation in Paris.

    While the world mourns with France, I urge that an aspect of their recovery as a country should be to take care of the survivors. Mental health services as well as the availability of substance abuse treatment centers can help keep the tragedy from causing more death and grief.

    What measures do you think the U.S. should take to support France in this time of need? Respectfully let us know what you think!

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