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Be Inspired! Demi Lovato

  • Be Inspired! Demi Lovato

    Be Inspired! Demi Lovato

    Throughout November we’re recognizing Inspirational Role Model Month by featuring articles about the inspirational people in Hollywood who overcame their battles with addiction and other struggles to find success.

    By openly discussing their own struggles with addiction and, in some cases, promoting recovery and understanding, these celebrities use their platforms to help people who are ridiculed and shunned due to misinformation and stigmas about the disease of addiction.

    Demi Lovato has gone above and beyond most celebrities that open up about their personal struggles with substance abuse, self-harm, and mental illness. In 2010, at only 19 years old, the singer and actress admitted herself to rehab after an epiphany about her addiction to drinking and cocaine use. Demi had become so dependent on the substances, she admits she couldn’t go more than 30 minutes without using cocaine and she drank regularly to cope with stress and a yet undiagnosed mental illness.

    In addition to abusing alcohol and cocaine, Demi was also abusing herself. The singer has been courageously transparent about her self-harm and eating disorder which stemmed from a negative body image. Lovato cut herself, purged her meals, and abused drugs and alcohol to deal with emotional traumas from her childhood in the spotlight.

    Be Inspired! Demi Lovato image

    “Demi Lovato 2012” by Viva Iquique. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

    She also struggled with confusing feelings concerning her alcoholic and abusive father, about whom she two songs- ‘For the Love of A Daughter’ and, on her most recent album, Confident, ‘Father.’ She leaned heavily on her creative abilities and writing to help her cope with recovery from her substance abuse disorder, bulimia, and self-harm.

    Finally having a proper diagnosis for her mental illness also helped her recovery. Formally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Demi has made great strides in understanding herself and spreading awareness to end the stigma. Through her recovery she has promoted education among her fans and they have supported her through some of her darkest moments. Even with this type of overwhelming support, Demi admits a sense of loneliness contributed to her substance abuse. However, her greatest supporter came in the form of long-time boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, whom she credits as being a solid, positive influence in her life throughout her struggle to recover from substance abuse and learn to cope with her mental illness.

    Now, 5 years after her initial rehab stint, and over three years sober, Demi is more candid about her experiences and working adamantly to help other avoid the suffering she experienced and recover from their own demons.

    As the spokesperson for Be Vocal, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about mental illness, she has helped to start more important conversations about substance abuse and addiction to help end the stigma against people who often suffer in silence due to shame and guilt.

    Though she is only 23, Demi is making massive strides in ending the stigmas associated with addiction and mental illness. She is a shining example of the beautiful things that can happen when recovery and ambition meet in the form of one incredibly strong, resilient young woman.

    Image: “Demi Lovato 2009” by Angela George. Licensed under CC by 3.0.

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