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From Meth to Alcohol, Rehab, and Worn Sneakers: Chris Bailey Treks the Country in Recovery

  • From Meth to Alcohol, Rehab, and Worn Sneakers: Chris Bailey Treks the Country in Recovery

    From Meth to Alcohol, Rehab, and Worn Sneakers: Chris Bailey Treks the Country in Recovery

    Once scrounging cash for his next hit of meth, Chris Bailey walks in the light of recovery, across the entire nation, on his journey of self actualization and enlightenment. Bailey survived the throes of raging drug and alcohol addiction locked up in a motel room with his twin brother to make the change that will ultimately save his life, and help rescue others.

    Sober for 14 months, Bailey is ending his 3,500 mile journey from Los Angeles in New York before he revs himself up to go back home. On his travels Bailey has connected with hundreds who are in need of recovery, and visits rehabilitation centers on his way across the country. His mission is called “Step into Life.”

    Of his journey across the country, NJ quotes Bailey,

    “I was walking to meetings. I had to find my thoughts and I found I wasn’t as scared anymore. I said to myself, ‘I’m going to walk across this country.’ I wanted to see and connect with other addicts and alcoholics. It was a pilgrimage, to face my fears and walk with myself. I was so used to numbing out my emotions and feelings.”

    On his journey to find inner solace, Bailey met kindness in dark corners he never dreamed would shed light.

    He says, “For so long, I needed to do something to connect with people, God, and get rid of all the built up stuff I had inside. Being alone and honest with myself was hard. I reached a breaking point when I just broke down and was able to play witness to being myself.” Quotes NJ.

    “The connection with people was huge, a lot of the time, we isolate ourselves, and there was so much love everywhere I went.”

    Bailey’s journey into the depths of himself is a font of inspiration for everyone who is currently struggling with a substance use disorder, and for those in the beginning stages of sobriety. When we learn to give of ourselves openly, and are ready to embrace the universal energies around us as a means of transformative change, beautiful things happen.

    Learning how to be open to your own thoughts, feelings, and innermost emotions is a critical component of true recovery- as self medication, in any form, whether it is substance abuse, self harm, or eating disorders, simply veil the indwelling aliments which must be addressed in order to achieve our full potentials, and let go of the pernicious thoughts and feelings no longer serving us.

    Bailey is set to return home to L.A. and may endeavor a nation wide train trek.

    Featured image: Camping by Foto licensed under CC BY 2.0


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