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Flakka Deemed One of the Most Highly Addictive Substances

  • Flakka Deemed One of the Most Highly Addictive Substances

    Flakka Deemed One of the Most Highly Addictive Substances

    As the flakka epidemic continues to wage war on South Florida, scientists are starting to unlock the secrets of the highly addictive substance, revealing what makes the famed street drug tick. According to the International Business Times, the Scripps Research Institute in California have deemed flakka just as, if not more, addictive than its cousin (bath salts). In a study conducted with lab rats, flakka encouraged the little lab assistants to feverishly push a lever upwards of a hundred times to gain access to the substance once exposed to it. When the lab rats were on the addictive substance they experienced heightened heart rates and a sharp increase in physical activity and stimulation.

    A researcher commented flakka has the potential to exceed methamphetamine in terms of addictive dependency. Before 2014 flakka was rarely reported- but last year things changed when over 650 instances of flakka were reported in the South Florida area. Since then, the effects of flakka have dawned the headlines of countless news headlines- which have been startling to say the least.  Flakka induces its users into a state of heightened delirium, causing them to be uncharacteristically violent, and suffer from hallucinations.
    The problem with flakka is that it’s widely available, and is very inexpensive. Users who are exposed to it become addicted quickly. The International Business Times quotes Tobin J. Dickerson, a researcher involved in the study, “Our data show that flakka is as potent as MDPV, making it a very good stimulant, arguably with worse addiction liability than methamphetamine,” Although flakka isn’t banned for good, the DEA is reviewing the addictive substance to determine its potential to endanger public health.

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