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Flakka Death Count: 125 in South Florida and Rising

  • Flakka Death Count: 125 in South Florida and Rising

    Flakka Death Count: 125 in South Florida and Rising

    We’ve all heard about it, the new designer drug wreaking havoc on the South Florida community: flakka (also known as gravel). In a recent article published by the Digital Journal it’s reported flakka has been the cause of death for 125 people in South Florida- and things aren’t looking any better. Those numbers are based on statistics published in 2013, and flakka use has only gotten worse in 2015. Known as a one-hit addictive, flakka is one of the most addictive substances South Florida has had to manage in years; unlike heroin, there are no counter measure medicines that can help people addicted to the substance safely transition from using flakka to breaking the habit. Some addiction specialists are labeling flakka as more addictive than heroin.


    Mostly used in the club scene, officials are concerned the drug will continue to disseminate to other states and cause a nationwide fever. The substance causes users to hallucinate, become violent, and gives them superhuman strength. But that’s not all, flakka causes major damage to the body, and quickly takes away everything it gives its users. Flakka damages the kidneys, heart, and several other vital organs. The daily overdose rate for flakka users have rose to 20, according to the Digital Journal.


    Dr. Furst, as quoted by the Digital Journal comments, “Users- who become ‘instant addicts’ after as little as one dose of flakka – have no control over the hallucinations that take over their brains. They are frequently convinced that they’re being chased,” While it’s true flakka has been the direct cause of strange headlines among South Florida’s news publications, it’s more serious than that. Those who become flakka addicts are not receiving the addiction treatment they need; despite the rising rate of flakka use, drug detox and drug rehab centers are not swelling with patients addicted to flakka fast enough.

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