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Guacamole is Extra: Chipotle Exec Involved in Manhattan Cocaine Bust

  • Guacamole is Extra: Chipotle Exec Involved in Manhattan Cocaine Bust

    Guacamole is Extra: Chipotle Exec Involved in Manhattan Cocaine Bust

    Chipotle has been an absolute powerhouse in the fast food industry for the last few years, taking off in popularity because of their flavorful food and commitment to changing the way we think about fast food. Their ingredients have no preservatives, no RBGH, and come from locally sourced, free range farms, forcing other fast food companies to catch up and improve their own food quality or be left behind.

    Because of Chipotle, restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Subway, and others are introducing their own new food standard policies and becoming more conscious of the public’s demands for food that isn’t of questionable origin.

    Then, Chipotle took a massive hit: with the e Coli outbreaks traced back to poor cleaning practices in some of the chain’s stores as well as other health complaints, they were forced to recognize that the rapid expansion was starting to affect their staff training; corners that should have never been cut were cut, and the standards of what it meant to be a Chipotle restaurateur were no longer being met.

    As a former employee of Chipotle and someone who still loves the food to this day, I can honestly say the drop in quality were readily evident.

    In order to combat the negative publicity and public fear, Chipotle did what no other restaurant chain would do: they closed all of their restaurants for one day and conducted a company-wide retraining of all employees to ensure everyone was up to date on all company protocols and procedures. From there, they began a campaign to regain their loyal customers, offering free meals, discounts, and the latest- a rewards program for loyal patrons.

    While some may continue to swear off of Chipotle, I simply couldn’t give up my chicken bowl with guacamole and chips– but with the news that just broke, I might have to.

    Mark Crumpacker, one of the top executives for Chipotle, recently surrendered to New York police as part of a massive cocaine bust in Manhattan. He was arraigned as one of 18 customers and three drug dealers on charges of cocaine possession after an investigation into drug smuggling operations in the city. Reports indicate that he made several purchases of cocaine over the past six months- some of which coincided with massive changes in the company, including decision to increase investors’ power in the company.

    Currently, Mark Crumpacker has seven charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

    As the standing chief creative and development officer, Crumpacker played a key role in helping Chipotle bounce back following the aforementioned health and food safety scares of 2015. He was the mind behind those food giveaways to draw people back into stores across the country. Since news of his connection to the cocaine bust, the company has placed him on a leave of absence.

    Do you think Crumpacker’s connection to this cocaine bust will negatively impact the Chipotle brand? Comment below with your thoughts!

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    Comments (2)

      • Sharon
      • July 8, 2016 at 12:06 am

      It will for sure have a negative impact on this company who is trying to come back after so much negativity in 2015. Addiction is a disease and I hope the company offers him rehab instead of terminating him!!!

      • Hello Sharon, and thanks for your comment! We certainly hope he gets the help he needs as well!


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