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Chet Hanks: From Cocaine to Recovery

  • Chet Hanks: From Cocaine to Recovery

    Chet Hanks: From Cocaine to Recovery

    Chet Hanks (from the loins of none other than Oscar winning Tom Hanks) has finally simmered down from his raging hotel escapades in the UK, to speak candidly about his journey of recovery from chronic cocaine addiction. The New York Daily News quotes Chet,

    “A couple of months ago, I was selling coke, doing coke until I couldn’t even sort it up my nose anymore because it was so clogged. I even smoked crack. If I can change, you can change. There is a solution.”

    You may recall our earlier post about Chet finally going into rehab– and I think we’re finally seeing the results of Chet becoming focused on the things he loves to do. Through his instagram account Chet is opening up about his struggles with addictive substances, and is serving as an unlikely beacon of hope, attempting to reach others struggling with untreated substance use disorders.

    A video posted by ?LA / WORLD WIDE ? (@chethanx) on

    The public know Chet for the “hellraiser” he used to be, but he has since publicly apologized for his conduct, and has made a good faith effort to repent for the uproar he’s caused in the past: perhaps most infamously his defense of the n-word.

    But Chet took to his Instagram account to genuinely apologize for being insensitive. We’re not sure where Chet’s recovery journey is going to ultimately take him, but we 100% approve of his movement to help spread awareness about addiction. Getting the community to talk openly about the brambles of drug and alcohol addiction is the first step to destigmatizing substance use disorders entirely.

    What do you think about Chet’s transformation?


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