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Breaking Bad Wanna-Be? Meth Found in Science Teacher’s Home

  • Breaking Bad Wanna-Be? Meth Found in Science Teacher’s Home

    Breaking Bad Wanna-Be? Meth Found in Science Teacher’s Home

    It sounds like something out of a TV plotline. Actually, it pretty much is the plot of Breaking Bad, minus the lung cancer and cerebral palsy.

    A science teacher in Manatee County is in hot water after police discovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in her home. The discovery occurred when police showed up on her doorstep on a completely unrelated case.

    WFLA News Channel 8 reports that the incident happened when wanted felon, David Alday, fled capture in a car registered to Lakewood Ranch High school science teacher, Hollis Morantes. Deputies from the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Morales’ home with her husband, Gabino Morantes. The couple allowed police into their home to search for the felon, but instead they discovered something deeply disturbing.

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    Both Gabino and Hollis admitted to using meth earlier that day.

    Deputies found drug paraphernalia in plain sight, as well as within reach of their five-year old child, who was roaming the house. A straw with meth residue was found among their child’s toys, along with baggies, pipes, and items used to fake negative results on drug tests.

    When questioned, Gabino admitted to using methamphetamine earlier that day. Hollis told police she had also used prior to their arrival and that additional meth was hidden in her purse. The child was immediately removed from the home and placed in the custody of a relative. Both parents were arrested under charges of drug possession, drug paraphernalia, and child neglect.

    The man they were initially searching for, David Alday? The couple said he had fled their home after switching cars at their home and taking their .270 caliber rifle.

    Not only is it disturbing that there was a young and impressionable child exposed to substance abuse in the home, but it’s a jarring example of the reality of addiction. No one expects that a teacher at their child’s school may be abusing drugs, let alone meth. Though parents will undoubtedly be outraged by these developments, it only goes to exemplify that no one is beyond addiction.

    How would you react if you found out a teacher at your child’s school was arrested on a drug offense? Give us your opinion below!

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