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Border Agent: I Have 110 Pounds of Cocaine in My Car, But Yes, Officer, You Can Search It

  • Border Agent: I Have 110 Pounds of Cocaine in My Car, But Yes, Officer, You Can Search It

    Border Agent: I Have 110 Pounds of Cocaine in My Car, But Yes, Officer, You Can Search It

    I don’t want to be accused of poking fun at illicit activity- but if you had 110 pounds worth of illicit substances in your car, would you willingly consent to a police search?

    I don’t think so!

    But that’s exactly what a Border Patrol agent in Arizona has done. Juan Pimentel (47) was arrested on charges for the intent to traffic drugs to Chicago- to which he admitted, after being detained when officers found 110 pounds of cocaine stashed in four suitcases in his vehicle, according to ABC News.  

    Initially Pimentel vowed the drugs weren’t his. Granted, I suppose if he was transporting the illicit goods, they weren’t “his,” but that doesn’t make it okay! In exchange for his transport, Pimentel was to be paid $50,000.

    Pimentel’s boss, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske declared,

    “When [Pimentel] is convicted, or pleads guilty, to that charge that badge that he had as a United States Border Patrol agent will be destroyed- it will never be worn again by another Border Patrol agent.”

    Kerlikowske goes on to affirm the U.S. Customs will root out nodes of corruption as they are exposed with exacting punishment for the betterment of their intimate communities, and the overall protection of the United States.

    Although an unfortunate turn of events for our border patrol officers, we can all rest a bit easier knowing 110 pounds of cocaine will not make it to Chicago, and will instead remain behind closed doors at the Police Department in Arizona.

    And remember, kids, if you have illicit substances in your car, turn them over willingly! Some states will help those who relinquish their illicit drug paraphernalia, no questions asked, in exchange for treatment.

    If your state does not offer a similar program, going to treatment is always the first step! As for the subsequent drug disposal? I’m not so sure.


    What say you, fellow readers? Stupidity, or too honest?


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