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Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cucoco’s Marriage Dissolved Because of Addiction?

  • Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cucoco’s Marriage Dissolved Because of Addiction?

    Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cucoco’s Marriage Dissolved Because of Addiction?

    The Big Bang Theory’s very own Kaley Cucoco, who plays Penny, is tangled up in a heart wrenching divorce with Pro-Tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Allegedly a big part of their separation stemmed from Sweeting’s rampant drug use of opiate prescription medications.

    After sustaining injuries on the court, Sweeting fell into the all-too-common spiral of taking prescribed opiate medications to quell injuries sustained from his lifestyle. Too often medical professionals turn to highly addictive substances to manage pain; conversely, pain management is absolutely essential for those sustaining significant injuries, yet studies show there are far less addictive means of managing pain- in fact, research proves combinations of acetaminophen and ibuprofen are better for pain management than many of the prescription opiates recommended by many medical doctors.

    Our reliance on prescription medications continues to breed new generations of substance abusers without the tools to address the causes of substance use disorders. If the reports from the Inquisitr are true, Sweeting’s substance use disorder directly affected his standing in his career; once ranked 64th in the entire world of tennis, Sweeting is languishing in his inability to remedy his condition.

    The Inquisitr quotes a family friend who comments on Sweeting’s changing disposition as a result from opiate use,

    “The change in his demeanor following his injury made him different from the person she fell in love with. She decided that it would be better to move on because things weren’t helping to change his attitude.”

    Although having to handle the addiction of a loved one is by no means easy, without proper treatment, the changes in one’s demeanor may persist for years. It’s not enough to wish for change. Addiction is a medical condition and requires treatment to allay the possibility of permanent physical and psychological damage.


    What do you think of Kaley’s split?


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