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5 Insane Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of

  • 5 Insane Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of

    5 Insane Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of

    With all of the attention turned to the addiction epidemic affecting the United States through the presidential campaign and other political ventures to address the growing crisis, you may think you know all there is to know about substance abuse. You may know about the big hitters: heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. You may even know about some of the newer designer drugs such as Flakka or Molly. But we’ve compiled a list of 5 insane drugs you’ve never heard of.

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    While it may be hard to imagine a drug named after a cute little dragonfly as dangerous, Bromo-Dragonfly is not to be taken lightly.

    Bromo-Dragonfly is a super-charged, seriously lethal version of LSD that could potentially cost you a limb. Named because it’s molecular structure resembles the whimsical flying insect, this concoction results is ‘trips’ that last as long as 72 hours and have been described as “being dragged to hell and back.” Still sound fun? I haven’t even gotten to the limb rotting goodness.

    The side effects of Bromo-Dragonfly use include seizures, blood vessel constriction, and spasms of the veins- which, if I’m honest, I didn’t even know blood vessels could do. In fact, it’s the vein spasms and constriction that can lead to loss of limbs. When blood flow is blocked to an appendage, it can be lethal if an amputation is not performed. So, in review, it’s a drug that makes you experience Hell on Earth, with side effects that sound like…Hell on Earth. Yeah, no thank you.


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    We started this list of 5 insane drugs you’ve never heard of with super LSD- what could we possibly follow that up with? That’s right, kids: super heroin. As if heroin itself isn’t bad enough, Etorphine is so powerful that a single drop making contact with your skin could send you into a lethal overdose.

    This isn’t something you’ll find on the streets- the black market for drugs actually rejected this substance. It’s primary use is for sedation of large mammals such as the elephant. It makes sense, a 6,500 pound animal would need lots of powerful drugs in order to be rendered unconscious, right? With Etorphine, it takes .001 grams.

    This substance is so powerful, it’s rarely even used for sedation of large animals, and when it is, it’s an intense operation. Not only does the doctor using Etorphine have to wear layers of protection, the antidote must be on-hand and prepped for use in case something goes wrong.



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    This one still give me creeps even months after I learned about it. It makes my skin crawl; I hate looking at pictures of what it does to your body (you can go ahead if you want to and you have a strong stomach.)

    Krokodil was born of desperation from minds under the fierce control of heroin addiction. That’s the only way I can explain what would motivate one to risk death by painful, flesh rot for the sake of a high. In Russia, where heroin can come with a high price tag, some people in the midst of their addiction have come up with an…inventive alternative.

    By cooking painkillers, cleaning oils, and lighter fluid together, people in desperate positions concoct Krokodil, a cheap heroin replacement which gets the job done. The drawback? The thick, dark sludge barely makes it into your veins before it starts to painfully corrode away veins and tissues surrounding the injection site. Spreading slowly, the damage it causes rots away flesh, turning your skin grey and scaly. That is, of course, if it doesn’t just fall right off of your bones. Some lucky victims of this fate have been able to survive with amputations and emergency medical care, but I can’t imagine the Hell that must have been.


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    Rumors of this drug have circulated through ghost stories and Creepypasta, the modern-day version of scary campfire stories. You hear about a strange powder being blown into someone’s face, then the next moment they’re somewhere else entirely: locked away as part of a sex trafficking scheme, bleeding to death for a black market organ removal surgery, etc.

    It turns out that’s a real threat to the people of Columbia, where the Scopolamine flower grows. From this plant, a powdered substance is derived which will render anyone under its influence extremely susceptible to the will of others- essentially unwitting slaves. This drug has been used in robberies, sex crimes, drug trafficking schemes, and more. Scopolamine is so powerful, inhaling it after it is blown in your face or drinking it unwittingly will leave you unable to resist following even the most dangerous suggestions of those around you.

    Oh, did I mention you don’t remember a thing when the effects wear off? No wonder they call it Devil’s Breath; though I think a more apt name would be Zombie Amnesia Dust.


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    How desperate are you to lose weight? Desperate enough to cook yourself alive? (Please don’t answer that, and definitely don’t use DNP. You’re beautiful.)

    The main difference between DNP and the other drugs on this list is that this one actually made it to the market. It was quite popular for a while, as it did it’s job very well… too well.

    You see, DNP is a fat burning drug; it gained rapid popularity because it burned fat all day long while the user did nothing to aid it. It works by literally changing the way your body processes food and burns calories, eliminating the need for exercise from your life. It sounds great; I can practically hear you opening a new tab so you can find out how to get some so you can finally be rid of those stubborn extra pounds.

    How quickly you’ve forgotten that it cooks you alive.

    DNP is largely banned from commercial sale after several deaths were reported in connection with use of the drug. Cause of death? “Adverse health effects”, which is a nice way of saying it cooked their internal organs. Also, did I mention the main component of DNP was once used to make fireworks?

    You’re probably better off with those five extra pounds that with your liver cooked medium-well.

    Have you heard of any of these insane drugs? Do you know of one that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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