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3 Lb. Baby Boy Dies an Hour After Birth, Born Addicted to Flakka

  • 3 Lb. Baby Boy Dies an Hour After Birth, Born Addicted to Flakka

    3 Lb. Baby Boy Dies an Hour After Birth, Born Addicted to Flakka


    The waves of South Florida’s flakka epidemic is not limited to those who actively abuse the pernicious, illicit substance; infants are no exception to the rule, especially when pregnant mothers do not get the addiction treatment they need to stop using the five dollar insanity substance.

    According to News Channel 8, an infant who was born addicted to flakka in South Florida died only after an hour of his birth. Doctors confirmed the presence of flakka in his system.

    Apparently, we should brace ourselves for more infants to share similar fates, should immediate assistance not deploy itself to communities riddled by the new synthetic opiate- which has been proven to be more addictive than cocaine.

    To date, 45 deaths have  been attributed to flakka in Broward County alone. Broward leads the entire nation in flakka related deaths. Upon the infant’s birth (whose details have not been released), he weighed a mere three pounds, and was born prematurely. In the case of flakka addiction, prevention and education is the key to averting catastrophe.

    Many exposed to the substance do not understand the ramifications of experimenting with it. Flakka prompts a medley of health complications including heightened delirium, rapid heart beat, rising bodily temperature, and unprovoked hostility.

    A quick search on YouTube for the substance reveals the harsh realities of the highs induced by Alpha-PVP, and cripple any sentiments of those asserting “just one time is okay.” Because the substance has been confirmed to be more potent than cocaine itself, the first time may be all it takes to establish a psychological or physical addiction.

    Those in lower income communities, adolescents, and the homeless are particularly vulnerable to the drug, as its price tag makes it available for all to afford. In response, Broward County has assembled a Flakka task force, tasked with eliminating local sources of the substance, and detect flakka useage.

    The recent arrest in North Florida’s claremont of John K. Murray (41) with almost $9,000 worth of flakka may merit the induction of several flakka task forces spanning the state of Florida.

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