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Detox and Withdrawal from Hashish

Does Hashish Cause Withdrawal?

The short answer is yes! Although, hashish withdrawal is not quite the same as other withdrawal periods from addictive substances. Because hashish does not establish the same physical dependence as other substances do, many do not regard withdrawal from hashish a concern of note. However, addressing hashish withdrawal quickly, and within an accredited Hashish addiction treatment center is essential to confront hashish addiction and relinquish one’s physical dependence to the addictive substance in the first place.    

How Bad is Hashish Withdrawal?

When compared to other substances, hashish withdrawal is not as medically alarming, because one is not endanger from sustaining comatose or death, in normal circumstances. As with anything, there are exceptions to every rule, and it is never safe to assume you will be an average case! Even though hashish is typically only psychologically addictive, both physical and mental effects of withdrawal are present. The symptoms of hashish withdrawal are entirely manageable within a hashish addiction treatment center, as medical professionals are able to quickly respond to instances of unpredictable health conflicts. Just as hashish overdose may be compounded with the presence of other addictive substances, hashish withdrawal may be compounded by also withdrawing from other addictive substances and latent health conditions aggravated by the withdrawal process.   [get-help]  

The Physical Symptoms of Hashish Withdrawal

  • Reduced Appetite
  • Stomach Problems
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Profuse Sweating
  • Body Shakes
  • Hyperactivity
  • Insomnia or Disturbed Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Restlessness

The Psychological Symptoms of Hashish Withdrawal

  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Panic
  • Nervousness
  • Hostility

What You Need to Know About Detox and Withdrawal from Hashish

Going to detox treatment for hashish is essential in treating the condition thoroughly; even though withdrawal is the physical condition in question, remedying hashish addiction is just as critical if not more so. Without addressing addiction at its source users relapse after overcoming withdrawal without the life skills they need to prevent themselves from falling down the slippery slope oap of addiction. During detox treatment for Hashish the body is cleansed of the physical traces of hashish, which may persist for up to ten days. During this time the body will adjust to not having an influx of cannabis. This is the point wherein the psychological effects of hashish will be in full swing, and is the source of difficulty most avoid getting treatment over. In severe cases medically assisted drug treatment may be used to sedate harmful effects of hashish spurred from underlying health conditions. During detoxification of Hashish the object of treatment is to purge the body of addictive substances and begin identifying the underlying causes of addiction. Harbor Village is one of the only addiction treatment centers employing group and intensive therapy as early as detoxification to attack the core of addiction directly from the onset of treatment. Without getting help from hashish addiction treatment, the symptoms of hashish addiction will begin to creep up again and lull you into the spiral of abuse and addiction.    

If you or a loved one needs help with hashish abuse or addiction call Harbor Village today!


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