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Effects of Cannabis

The Effects of Getting High

Most recreational users of cannabis enjoy the plant because it offers stress relief and the ability to relax. The telltale redness of the eyes is produced by lowered blood pressure and expanded veins. The depressant releases dopamine and opens up the blood vessels, leaving users feeling happy and lethargic. However, the experience is less enjoyable for those who experience anxiety, panic, and paranoia often brought on by large portions of marijuana use. Hallucinations and delusions are symptoms of acute psychosis, another possible effect of cannabis abuse. [get-help] Other effects of cannabis use are:
  • Altered perceptions of time
  • Increase appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Reduced reaction time
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dizziness
  • Scattered or random thoughts

How Cannabis Affects the Community

Though byproducts of cannabis have to potential the boost the economy and offer relief to severe health conditions like cancers, seizure conditions, and the HIV/AIDS, legal regulations severely limit their limits. Legislators debate rather the benefits of cannabis outweigh potential increase in criminal activity. Organizations such as NORML and those pushing for medicinal marijuana use argue that cannabis has the potential to revolutionize medicine and solve the economic problems facing the country. On a federal level, half of the US has legalized cannabis in some form or another. Four states and the District of Columbia legalized recreational use, 20 states legalized medicinal marijuana, and 15 states allotting the use of non-psychoactive cannabidiol for medical use. President Barack Obama has proposed the decriminalization of marijuana possession across the country in response to the harsh sentencing of offenders. Around the world nine countries have legalized the possession of marijuana including several Central and South American countries. However the majority of areas that allow the possession of marijuana strictly limit the quantities; growth and trafficking remains illegal in most states that legalized marijuana.  

Cannabis’ Affect on the Personal Relationships

Drug abuse of any kind effect not only the person suffering from addiction. With addiction comes financial issues, emotional and psychological troubles, and health problems and cannabis addiction is no different. Though cannabis is relatively cheap, financial troubles begin when addiction causes people to choose marijuana over their financial responsibilities. Sustaining a supply of marijuana becomes more important than paying rent and other bills, filling the gas tank, and purchasing necessities. Due to symptoms of cannabis use such as lethargy, lack of concentration and focus, and reduced reaction time, cannabis abusers may lose their jobs due to unsatisfactory performance. Stresses and financial woes can increase use and worsen financial strains. Any savings can be depleted to feed an addiction, leaving the addict destitute and desperate. They may turn to criminal activity such as theft, robbery, or prostitution. The families and friends of those who suffer from addictions to cannabis may not understand the plight of addiction. The addict seems lazy and unmotivated, choosing to remain unproductive and not contribute to the household. Resulting resentment causes tension and mistrust, pushing the addicted person away from the support of their family and friends and further into their predicament. Judgement is never the cure for addiction. It is a disease and requires medical intervention. If someone you know suffers from cannabis addiction, help them get the assistance they need to recover. [get-help]

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