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Women’s History Month: 5 Women in Recovery You Need to Follow

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March is Women’s History Month! Each year we celebrate the women who have put their mark on history. Trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and civil leaders, the women we honor during Women’s History Month helped to shatter boundaries and shape the world as it is today. To celebrate, we’re honoring amazing women in the recovery community using their stories to inspire and encourage others to reclaim control of their lives.

Here’s 5 women in recovery you need to follow!

Brittany Shelton: Discovering Beautiful

Brittany Shelton is no stranger to us here at Harbor Village. Not only has she participated in our recovery speaker series, sharing her story with our clients and offering encouragement, but she is the amazing woman behind Discovering Beautiful, a website where she chronicles her own recovery journey as well as providing a platform for others to share their stories. On Discovering Beautiful she explores the topics of childhood trauma, breaking the generational cycles of abuse and addiction, and parenting. Recently Brittany also published her first book! Discovering Beautiful: Finding Freedom from Childhood Trauma and Self-Destruction uses Brittany’s own life experiences and lessons learned to prove that recovery is possible no matter what life has thrown your way.

Esther Nagle: Rhondda Yoga

Esther Nagle is another bright beacon in the recovery industry! Finding her own path to sobriety through yoga training, Esther guides others along their own journeys through finding inner balance and peace. Also an author, Esther’s book Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga explores her own experiences recovering from addiction as well as introducing readers to the principles of meditation for mental health. Esther is active in both the yoga and addiction recovery communities, managing both the Balance and Breathe and Rhondda Yoga Facebook pages.

Julie Maida: Sober Mommies

Julie Maida is the founder of Sober Mommies, a non-profit organization specifically geared toward supporting women through recovery. 17 years in recovery, Julie supports women at all stages of their journey, in whatever form that may take. She understands that recovery is not one-size-fits-all, and her mission is to provide a supportive community and resources to women in need seeking sobriety. Sober Mommies also offers support for mothers in recovery attempting to balance parenting with maintaining recovery.

Abigail Lalumandier: The Sober Style

Abigail Lalumandier offers a fun, unique approach to chronicling her recovery journey. Tied to her passion for fashion, Abigail runs The Sober Style, a blog and Instagram account where she promotes using your hobbies and the things you love as a way to maintain sobriety. Abigail uses fashion and a positive outlook to encourage others to love and value themselves and each other. Following along on Abigail’s journey feels like chatting with a friend.

Margaret Ward: A Run at a Time

Margaret Ward reconnected with herself and the world in recovery with a pair of sneakers and determination. Many people in recovery find that physical activity is a great way to channel their energy in a positive way, and the same was true for Margaret. Now she’s encouraging other women to get out and explore the world around them, one run at a time. She documents her own adventures through her website and Instagram accounts, encouraging others to keep moving forward.


Who are your favorite women in recovery to follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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