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#WomanCrushWednesday! 5 Badass Women in Recovery!

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Ladies, every Wednesday our social media feeds get flooded with women being celebrated for their beauty, talents, capacity to love, and other achievements. #WomanCrushWednesdays are dedicated to mothers, wives, girlfriends, and admired celebrities all the time, but rarely is that spotlight given to women who are admired for their commitment to addiction recovery and advocacy. Today, we’re changing that: here’s 5 badass women changing the way we look at recovery!

Miley Cyrus

Now wait- before you start giving the side-eye for our choice to kick off this list, we know that Miley’s past has been anything but stellar- but isn’t that true for all of us? Miley has had some wild and crazy times these last few years, attempting to find her identity and break away from the strict mold of “Disney child actress.” Her attempts to become her own person saw her swing completely to the other end of the scale: mostly nude, swinging on wrecking balls, and singing about how much she loves to get f*cked up. Lately, however, we’ve seen a much tamer side to Miley; her recent decision to abstain from drug abuse (specifically marijuana) introduced an entire new generation to the concept of life beyond substance abuse. For that, Miley gets a giant round of applause from us; we hope she continues on her new path of prosperity and sobriety!

“Demi Lovato 2012” by Viva Iquique. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Demi Lovato

Pardon us while we gush, but Demi Lovato is an old favorite of ours! This beautiful young woman has fought so hard to come back from her troubled past and share her message of hope and perseverance with the world. Her raw honesty about what it means to live with co-occurring substance abuse and bipolar disorder as well as an eating disorder speaks to the experience of millions worldwide in one capacity or another. She effortlessly blends her recovery message into all that she does: her music, advocacy, even the acting projects she takes on. Demi has proven that it is possible to be young, fun, fabulous, and sober.

“Kelly Osbourne” by Eva Rinaldi. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is the antithesis of your average Hollywood socialite. Despite her famous lineage, Kelly has remained down to Earth and carved her own way to success. It hasn’t always been easy for her; she’s stated that she begin abusing drugs in her early teen years as a means of coping with fame (her family was filming their reality show at the time) and feelings of insecurity. Her father, who is also in recovery, and mother rallied behind her to help her overcome addiction and related issues. Kelly’s journey is relatable for so many: several trips to rehab and even a few to the mental health ward. In her new memoir, There’s No F*cking Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch, Kelly gets real about what her journey has been like in order to encourage others to learn from her mistakes.

“Wendy Williams Net Worth” by celebrityabc. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Wendy Williams

I know, I know- Wendy can be a very polarizing personality. Rather you like her ‘say it like you mean it’ attitude or wish she would go away, Wendy’s influence on pop culture is undeniable. If you follow her at all, you also know she’s been in recovery from cocaine abuse since her early 30s. Wendy makes no secret of her past: she has referenced her own experiences multiple times on her ultra-popular daytime talk show, most memorably when discussing the untimely passing of Whitney Houston. She also delivers tough love whenever she hears of celebrities indulging in substance abuse, most recently with Lamar Odom. In her own home, Williams recently tackled her son’s spice addiction, helping him to get back on the right path to college and beyond. Williams’ success on radio and television may be controversial, but no one can doubt that she has rocked life beyond addiction.

“Jamie Lee Curtis 2015 ComicCon” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

Jamie Lee Curtis

We’ll end this list with an icon- a Scream Queen, if you will. Jamie Lee Curtis has several iconic roles on her resume and fans of all ages- she also has almost 20 years of clean and sober living under her belt. Curtis has been open about her youth in active addiction, sharing stories of her antics and heartbreak. Her first foray into painkiller abuse was due to plastic surgery she had because of a cameraman’s senseless comment about bags under her eyes. She’s since called her recovery her greatest accomplishment and encouraged others to seek the same. Following the death of Prince in 2016, she called for the government to take action in battling prescription drug abuse.

Who is your #WomanCrushWednesday in recovery? Let us know in the comments!

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