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What Happened to Victoria Siegel?

What Happened to Victoria Siegel?

As the fans of the Queen of Versailles and those who knew the beautiful Victoria Sigel continue to mourn her passing in June of this year, the results of her autopsy confirm suspicions her death was caused by her addiction to Xanax. Victoria was prescribed Xanax for an anxiety condition, but the medication which was intended to make her life easier would inadvertently ultimately rob her of it. Knowing she had an addiction to the depressant drug, Victoria willingly checked herself into rehab to overcome her addiction. Unfortunately, after a rough spat with her boyfriend and the involvement of his ex-girlfriend, Victoria relapsed and died from acute methadone and sertraline toxicity,” according to Inside Edition.

Methadone is typically used to treat addictions to opiates and Sertraline is a medication prescribed to alleviate depression.

Since her death, Victoria’s mother, Jackie Siegel, has not returned to their home in North Florida, Inside edition quotes her lamenting,

“As a mother, I can say it’s the most horrible thing that I have ever, ever experienced. Personally I have not stepped foot in the house since Victoria died.”

Victoria’s father, Davis Siegel, has also avoided the house since her death.

In an attempt to glean a measure of hope in one of their darkest hours, the Siegel family has started a charity, called Victoria’s Voice Foundation, to help teenagers struggling with drug addiction to get the help they need before tragedy strikes.

Inside Edition quotes David Siegel,

“We’re going to win this battle. We can’t save everybody but we’re going to make a dent. . . Her legacy is going to be that many people will live because she died.”

Our hearts go out to those mourning the loss of Victoria Siegel. May she rest in peace, and be the beacon who will help others get treatment for their substance use disorders.


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