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Throwback Thursday: What Your Grandparents Paid for Weed 40 Years Ago in College

Don’t look away! You know your crazy, hippy-loving parents and grandparents were smoking weed with everyone else. Back then nobody knew what we do today- and in spite of hundreds of hospitalization cases from marijuana and K2 (synthetic marijuana), we’re still in denial about the potency of the green weed.

(Pun not intended.)

Maybe it’s because I don’t smoke the stuff, but after researching how much marijuana is here in Florida, I know it’s not a hobby I’d be too pleased to fund! Those from The Weed Blog proclaim marijuana now-a-days can cost anywhere from $80 to $240.

Wouldn’t you rather go to a theme park?

Anyway, I assume the prices vary from place to place, but either way- if you think about how much money you’re spending on weed, you could probably afford to:

  • Send yourself to college
  • Buy a car
  • Take a trip to Japan (Konichiwa!)
  • Enroll in martial arts classes
  • Go to rehab

But that’s not what you came for.

In college your grandparents in the Ivy Leagues paid:

Brown: $8 per ounce

Columbia: $10 per ounce

Cornell: $10-$40 per ounce

Dartmouth: $10 per ounce

Harvard: $15-$20 per ounce

Penn: $25 per ounce

Princeton: $20 per ounce

Yale: $15 per ounce

(According to the Ivy Gate Blog.)

Now that you’re lamenting the “good ol’ days,” take away this: baby boomers are contributing heavily to our nation’s rates of people with substance use disorders. But they’re not being treated properly for it.

Instead of treating Grandma Mary for her opiate addiction, she’s being pumped full of drugs for an entirely different condition presumed to be the cause of physical and mental unrest because of her age. She’ll never be able to get the treatment she needs, because addiction among the elderly is not something we typically talk about.

That could be you. 

Although as we discover more about the intricacies of substance use disorders, treatment becomes more available to those in need, but at what cost?

Colorado, who is celebrating recreational marijuana legalization with pot shenanigans reports a 29% emergency room increase- and a subsequential 38% bolister when marijuana hit retail stores.

Cleveland reports incidents of DUI where marijuana was the substance of choice has increased to 66% in Denver.

Is Mary Jane really worth it if she’s going to send you to the hospital, or get you killed? Many with marijuana substance use disorders find it just as difficult to quit a drug considered “soft” as it is to shake a heroin or meth addiction.

While withdrawal symptoms may differ in severity, the psychological component of addiction is equally severe. Going to rehabilitation for marijuana addiction is just as necessary as it is for other substance use disorders.

Instead of fretting over the prices of marijuana (which will probably continue to increase) focus on your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Overdose & Toxicity of Marijuana

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is bad, m’kay? 

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