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3 Things I Would Have Never Learned Without Rehab

There’s a lot of speculation when it comes to rather rehab is useful or not. People who successfully achieve sobriety through treatment will attest to the benefits of having guidance and support throughout the journey. Others will question and ridicule it, claiming all the recovery industry wants is to fill beds and make money.

It’s easy to be angry and place blame on the facilities and therapists when things don’t work out the way we would like. What’s more difficult is looking beyond fault and blame to finding solutions. To help, here are 3 things I would have never learned without rehab.


Vulnerability IS Strength

Addiction is all about creating a barrier between ourselves and pain. Rather it’s trying to forget the things that hurt us or coping with a current pain, turning to substance abuse is never the answer. We cannot numb ourselves and expect real healing- but in treatment we can learn to properly process past traumas or difficult emotions so they don’t burden us and keep us from achieving our goals.

Vulnerability in recovery is critical to unearthing and overcoming the causes of substance abuse. This isn’t a game of toughing it out and testing your strength; it’s about correcting the things that lead to drug and alcohol abuse in the first place.


Some of the Best People in My Life Are in Recovery

Society teaches us to be judgmental and ridicule people in recovery, assuming all types of nasty things based on one fact of their life. What they don’t know and often don’t take the time to learn is that some of the kindest, most giving people on this planet have faced addiction. What lies in our past has no bearing on our future.

When we paint people in a certain light because of their past, we could end up blocking our own blessings. Too many people in recovery aren’t allowed the opportunities to create the future they desire because of the stigmas we carry about them. By opening our eyes to the people beyond the addiction, we can help bridge the gap and help end the substance abuse epidemic.


I Get What I Put Into This

Before I entered rehab, I thought it was going to be simple: go to meetings, sit with a therapist, and somehow end up sober in the end. It was a very detached way of approaching recovery and it never works. Just like with everything else that comes with this lifestyle change, you get what you put into this journey. If you are not actively engaged and open to therapy and life coaching, how can you expect to take anything away from them? Don’t set yourself up for failure.


We want to hear from you: what do you know now that you wouldn’t know without going into rehab? Comment below!

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