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How to Spot Alcoholism from a Mile Away and Get Help From an Addiction Detox Center Part One

Understanding How Drug Detox Centers Can Help Excessive Drinkers, But Knowing What Is and Isn’t Alcohol Addiction


If you’re like most of the populace you may think it’s a no-brainer to spot someone who is suffering from “alcoholism,” (staying up-to-date with the most recent decree by the Center for Disease Control [CDC], the term alcoholism has now been dubbed as an alcohol substance use disorder; although this term is used by most people- few medical professionals refer to the condition as “alcoholism” among their practice) but it’s not as simple as you think. It’s not uncommon for excessive drinking to be confused with an alcohol use disorder- and perhaps this may be a precursor to the ultimate disease, it is not the end-all, tell-tale sign.

While it’s true, treating substance abuse in its earliest stages with drug detox is the smartest route to go if you recognize yourself or a loved one to indulge in excessive drinking often, it doesn’t necessarily equate to an alcohol use disorder. Straight from the mouth of the CDC,  90% out of all excessive drinkers are not physically dependent on alcohol; although, it’s important to note those 90% of people may eventually traverse down the road of a serious addiction (which is why it’s important to treat the beginning signs of substance abuse).

If we take excessive drinking for what it is, most binge drink in an attempt to self medicate themselves, to cope with the stressors of life, and as a means of escapism. This is the recipe for subsequent addiction, as most who become physically and mentally dependent on alcohol become so in a desperate attempt to self medicate their inner conflicts away. (And some suffer from mental disorders, which go untreated.)  

Even though excessive drinking is not necessarily indicative of physical dependence, it’s important to resolve the inner and outer conflicts precipitating substance abuse. Drug detox centers specialize in helping excessive drinkers detox, or cleanse their bodies of addictive substances, and then help to resolve the growing turmoil catalyzing potentially dangerous drinking.

In  Part Two of this post, we’ll explore what an alcohol use disorder really is, and how to clearly identify the symptoms of alcoholism. If you suspect someone is struggling to overcome the disease of alcohol abuse, or if you’re concerned about a loved one’s excessive drinking, don’t hesitate to contact an addiction detox center to talk about your options of drug detox and alcohol rehab programs.

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