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Want to Share Your Recovery Story? Here’s How!

Sharing your recovery story can be an incredibly enlightening and empowering experience. Recounting the path so far helps keep things in perspective and show you how far you’ve come. Being willing to share your recovery story also benefits others on this life long journey: we learn valuable lessons from the experiences of others. So if you’re ready to speak out and share your story, here’s how you can do just that:


Participate in Our Speaking Program

Harbor Village recently introduced a new speaking program to help enrich our clients’ recovery experience. While in treatment our clients are able to hear real stories of recovery from the people who lived them. This voluntary program focuses on encouragement through example by connecting people with similar stories and experiences with the people who need to hear them.

If you want to share your recovery story with our clients, here’s what you need to know:

  • All speaking engagements are conducted via Skype at your convenience! No need to worry about traveling, taking time off of work, or interrupting your daily life.
  • This is a judgement-free experience for all. You will be speaking directly to people who know the impact of addiction on one’s life intimately: don’t be afraid.
  • Your story is encouraging and worthy of being shared! Someone out there needs to hear that they aren’t alone and that recovery is possible. We want to help you reach that person.
  • Your story will not be recorded or published in any way without your express permission. We prioritize protecting your privacy and respect your right to present your recovery story as you wish. You are always welcome to submit your story in writing to be featured in our blog, too!

Please send serious inquiries about this program to speakers@localhost!


Write for Recovery Blogs

Somethings are difficult to say out loud but still need to be expressed. That’s where online platforms like recovery blogs come in: many provide the opportunity to share your recovery story with others who can relate! The recovery community is all about communication and connection, so get involved!

If you want to write for a recovery blog, but you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 sites that are always open to new recovery stories:

  1. The Fix: One of the most popular recovery-related websites out, The Fix is always looking to add to their encouraging stories of triumph in sobriety.
  2. The Mighty| Addiction: The Mighty is dedicated to providing an online community and resource for people facing serious health conditions- both visible and invisible. They recently included a category specifically for people in recovery, but those with a dual diagnosis can also benefit from reading and contributing to the mental health areas of the site.
  3. Sober Nation: The entire country is facing a substance abuse epidemic right now- but that means there’s people in recovery across the U.S., too! Sober Nation unites us all and encourages you to submit your story to let others know they aren’t alone.
  4. Reach Out Recovery: This thorough recovery site addresses all sorts of recovery-related topics from self-care to planning your future! With resources for people seeking help, adding your story to their category of testimonials could be what helps save another life.
  5. Stories of Hope Archive: Under the parent company Drugfree.org, this archive says it all: Your story can change someone else’s.



Intervene Before There’s a Problem: Volunteer to Talk to At-Risk Children

Studies show that early exposure to drugs greatly increase one’s likelihood of developing an addiction. Volunteering to speak to children who are at-risk due to their home environments or neighborhoods can help keep them from making a mistake that has lasting consequences. Many schools have anti-drug programs in place, but they are often lacking and rely more on fear tactics than facts. Speak to the authorities at your local schools and offer to speak to children about the realities of addiction.

If approved, make sure you approach this opportunity seriously: keep it age appropriate and focused on discouraging alcohol or drug abuse. Make sure your planned presentation is approved. You can also approach your local Boys and Girls Club or YMCA to set up arrangements for speaking with the public. If there’s no opportunities in your area, create one: team up with local organizations to create a family event aimed at spreading awareness and encouraging recovery.

Have you shared your recovery story before? Comment below to tell us where and encourage others to do the same!

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